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Battery Show Europe

Edwards showcases the GXS in the Battery Show Europe, Stuttgart: 23rd May -25th May 2023

Battery Show Europe 2023, 23-25 May
  • Date May 23, 2023
  • Country Germany
  • Venue Messe Stuttgart
  • Booth A66, Hall 4
  • End date May 25, 2023
  • Contact us
Edwards, a leading supplier of vacuum pumping systems to the Lithium battery Industry is participating in the Battery show Europe in Stuttgart , Germany from 23rd May -25th May 2023.

From early 2010s Edwards has been closely working with major Lithium battery manufacturers in understanding the process and the challenges in obtaining high performance batteries for EV applications. The production process includes mixing of the chemicals during the manufacture of the electrodes followed by vacuum drying of the electrodes, cell filling with electrolytes and degassing of the cell to remove moisture and entrapped bubbles to final sealing of the cell under vacuum. 

Edwards GXS dry vacuum pump with cutting-edge screw technology and advanced control capability has been qualified by major Lithium battery manufacturers for providing better ultimate vacuum, reliability, low cost of ownership with a small footprint.


Lithium battery manufacturing cycle

For more information for your process please visit the Edwards booth at The Battery Show Europe

Hall 4, Booth A66

Messe Stuttgart, Germany