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May 22, 2024

Edwards latest generation dry vacuum pumps drive innovation at Future Technologies

But as Santo Di Gaetano, Equipment & Service Sales Engineer at Edwards Vacuum and Marco Dondoli, Sales Manager at Future Technologies explain, the partnership is the result of more than just habit or nostalgia.

It’s based on a shared commitment to continuous innovation, world-leading performance, and meticulous customer support. All in a day’s work for the local team at Edwards Vacuum Italy. Indeed, their experience and expertise have helped drive Future Technologies’ growth from one man’s dream into a worldwide original equipment manufacturer employing over 70 people

Customer challenge:

To ensure safe, economical and reliable filling and refilling of refrigerants while transitioning its product line to Industry 4.0

Our solution:

A comprehensive range of vacuum pumps backed by the latest technologies, proven expertise and a shared vision on innovation spanning a quarter of a century

The result:

Fast, efficient, compact, and reliable components that maximise design flexibility and performance with zero maintenance.

FT production line: nXRi set up in final frame

FT production line: nXRi set up in final frame

Beyond the product: co-creating end-to-end solutions

Future Technologies is a world leading OEM dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-performance equipment for the injection of coolants, refrigerants and other technical fluids in a variety of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

We're honoured to say that all the pumps, vacuum gauges, fittings, valves, and other accessories integrated within their OEM products have been supplied by Edwards ever since the company was founded in 1995.

But the Edwards-Future Technologies story goes far beyond a simple supplier relationship.

We helped Silvio Dondoli launch his company over 27 years ago. And now, as the second generation is taking over the reins, we’re proud to continue supporting Future Technologies’ never-ending quest for innovation with our latest generation oil-free dry pumps, backed by Edwards’ renowned expertise in product design and end-to-end solutions

Santo Di Gaetano , Equipment & Service Sales Engineer at Edwards Vacuum

Critical constraints: at the intersection of speed and reliability

There are multiple constraints that impact the efficiency of the coolant injection process.

Similarly, Future Technologies’ decision to transition to Edwards’ dry-pump technology is driven by various factors. Reduced process times, contamination risks, and maintenance interventions are just a few of them.

Since the latest generation of Edwards dry pumps (such as the nXR60 and 90i integrated in Future Technologies’ machines) use precision-machined rotors that do not touch, they do not require any lubricating oil whatsoever. That saves time and money when it comes to maintenance interventions but also the associated indirect costs of production downtime and the recovery, recycling, and management of waste lubricant oils.

We recently performed a full audit of our pump components, which included a comparison of several competitors’ equipment. But their performance simply does not match Edwards. Not only in terms of reliability but also efficiency. Lately, we’re seeing a steady increase in demand amongst our customers for dry pumps like Edwards’ nXRi range. Their high-speed operation and large capacity are combined with significant reductions in both space and energy consumption. And while the initial outlay is higher, in the long run, the cost savings are clear.

Marco Dondoli , Sales Manager at Future Technologies

Smaller, lighter, faster, smarter: paving the way for Industry 4.0

One of the biggest challenges facing Future Technologies in the near future is the transition to Industry 4.0. A largescale operation is underway to redesign the company’s product line, incorporating smart sensors for remote monitoring and operation, automatic leak detection, real-time analysis of performance data and so on.

In this context, Edwards’ incredibly compact new dry pumps offer a great deal of flexibility, literally making space for additional components, processors, and sensors that will make Future Technologies smarter, more mobile, and more connected. 

Safety and sustainability first: when reliability reduces both risk and waste

The pumps themselves, however, are just part of the story.

And given the importance of ensuring a stable and reliable vacuum throughout the entire filling process, it’s essential to consider the full picture, in order to eliminate leaks and the associated risks of explosion and environmental contamination. Especially in the contexts of increasingly strict regulations.

The speed, capacity, and efficiency of the pump are important factors. But in the end, it’s the quality of the seal that the pump creates which is critical to the whole process. Especially when you’re dealing with highly flammable liquids, it’s essential to be able to guarantee a low enough pressure for a long enough period to complete injection safely and with minimal environmental impact.

Claims Marco Dondoli

In terms of environmental standards, there are currently several on-going changes, causing the entire industry to move towards more climate-friendly refrigerants. FT constantly adapts and develops appropriate solutions to match the new regulations. Edwards is proud to provide the building blocks of Future Technologies’ latest machines that are capable of processing these new refrigerants in line with the new standards.

Explains Santo.

Win-win: a relationship founded on trust

Left: Marco Dondoli, Sales Manager Future Technologies Right: Santo Di Gaetano, Equipment & Service Sales Engineer Edwards Vacuum.

Left: Marco Dondoli, Sales Manager Future Technologies. Right: Santo Di Gaetano, Equipment & Service Sales Engineer Edwards Vacuum.

Edwards was there at the beginning, supporting founder Silvio Dondoli in establishing what has since grown into a truly international business.

And now that his son, Marco has joined the company, we look forward to building great things on those solid foundations of trust.

And with many more markets to conquer and cutting-edge applications to develop, we couldn’t agree more! We look forward to the next 25 years of close collaborations with Future Technologies.

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