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Edwards launches two new in-house designed Cold Cathode Inverted Magnetron Gauges

GLOBAL | 22 May 2023 

BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX, UK: Edwards launches the new Active Inverted Magnetron AIM200 and Wide Range Gauge WRG200 series high performance Cold Cathode Gauges, with compact size, 360° LED light pressure ring indicator, integrated set-points, and reduced costs.

Building on the success of the APG200 series, the focus is on giving a reliable measurement, in a reduced size. This enables the AIM200 and WRG200 to fit into smaller spaces, reducing the overall footprint of equipment with no impact on performance. Each gauge brings with it a range of upgrades and enhanced features along with a redesigned core to provide great accuracy and reliable solutions, equipped with technology that allows the gauge to strike even in heavily contaminated environments making these gauges the perfect choice for dirty processes no matter the environment.

Suitable for all vacuum markets, from Analytical instruments that can take advantage of the reduced size and flexible outputs, to Semiconductor for whom the new interfaces and light rings enable better maintenance of systems, to Research and development for whom the local pressure indication helps to monitor experiments away from the main interfaces.  

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our advanced AIM200 and WRG200 and build on the success of the APG200. The reduced stray field and enhanced robustness are game changers in vacuum gauge technology. This entire innovation sets a new standard, and I can't wait to see how it transforms industries worldwide. This is a remarkable achievement, and I cannot wait to see it in action!

Thomas Cowan , Global Product Manager

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