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Exchange service

If you are wondering how to get rid of unwanted, unused, or non-operating vacuum pumps?
We have a solution for you! Turn your vacuum pumps that no longer needed and get cash in return.

Our vacuum BuyBack turns your unwanted vacuum pump into cash in three easy steps.

EDW vacuum pump


     Unwanted Vacuum Pumps

Step 1


   Share your pump details (Part number, Serial number and condition Grade)

   Knowing the condition of the vacuum pump helps us to assess the value. We measure the condition using our 3-grading system.

  • Grade A Pumps  Brand new or certified units that have not been used and require no service.
  • Grade B Pumps  Running but needs service. No major parts damage (rotors, motor stator).
  • Grade C Pumps  Crashed and needs service with major part replacement.
Step 2


  Receive a quotation and approve it

Step 3


  Pumps are shipped to our facility, receive payment
  Once your unwanted vacuum pump gets shipped back to us, you receive your payment.

It’s as easy as that!

You now have a cleared-out warehouse or storage facility and have made great use of machinery that was no longer serving your needs.

There are many benefits of taking part in this program.

financial flexibility

      Financial flexibility

Our BuyBack program gives you a way to utilise otherwise tied-up capital. By liquidating what you no longer need, you can increase your financial flexibility and have more for business activities and investments.

Icon of reduced unwanted cost

A more organized warehouse

It gives you the opportunity to release pumps that you no longer need, making more room for more valuable equipment.



Reduced Risk

   Reduce unwanted costs

It can be costly to dispose of old equipment. We take care of that burden for you, while supporting environmentally friendly practices of reducing and reutilizing waste.


To learn more about BuyBack, or to start the BuyBack process

Avoid breakdowns before they happen.

Are you looking to protect your pump against breakage and unnecessary down-time? Then make sure to read though our remote connectivity products and ServicePlansTM


HealthCheck PROTM identifies and informs you about your vacuum pump condition, so you can stay informed between service visits.

GENIUS Instant InsightsTM monitors your vacuum pump 24/7, keeps you up to date on performance and alerts you to any irregularities, faults or contamination.

ServicePlanᵀᴹ plans regular maintenance to keep your production running smoothly.

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