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Service engineer with Edwards pump and GENIUS

Vacuum pumps are of vital importance in industrial production. They need to be
in top running condition to ensure efficiency, optimum output and a healthy bottom
line. But what’s the best way to manage them?

That’s where GENIUS Instant InsightsTM comes in. 

GENIUS instant insight™
GENIUS dashboard

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GENIUS Instant Insightsᵀᴹ

<p>GENIUS Instant Insightsᵀᴹ</p>

The most common causes of pump failure are now predictable

Mechanical failure

Mechanical faults caused by inappropriate maintenance


Contamination caused by gas, liquid and/ or foreign material from your process 

Internal corrosion

Internal corrosion due to loose or worn parts


GENIUS Instant Insights™ helps you to avoid the risk of such failures by enabling you to stay ahead of production downtime.


Your benefits with GENIUS Instant Insights™

GENIUS provides lots of benefits, for your pump, your production as well as for the environment. 

  • GENIUS works to maximise your uptime by informing you about potential pump failure in advance.
  • Using information from GENIUS, you can create a maintenance schedule that best fits your production.
  • Access the GENIUS Portal anywhere, at any time.
  • Thanks to GENIUS, you have a complete overview of your vacuum pump technology performance. 
Service engineer installing GENIUS in a Edwards vacuum pump
  • With a more efficient operation also comes a lower CO2 footprint, and an easier adherence with local waste reduction regulations.
  • Due to the early alerts GENIUS provides, you can plan the delivery of your spare parts and choose the environment-friendly option of transport.
  • GENIUS will give you recommendations on how you can reduce energy expenditure in your process. 
Service Engineer holding the GENIUS box
  • GENIUS informs you ahead of time of any possible malfunctions, increasing the reliability and consistency of your production, and avoiding costly downtime.
  • With information on energy consumption, GENIUS helps you to reduce electricity costs.
  • With GENIUS, you always know when maintenance is needed, so you can choose a cost-effective parts delivery plan. 
Getting alerts on GENIUS dashboard on a mobile phone

One of the many benefits of GENIUS is that information on your pump’s performance is safely stored on the Cloud, so you can access it at any time, from anywhere. We know how important data safety and cyber security is and have put safety measures in place to ensure that your data is as secure. 

We use the latest technologies, experienced partners, and managed data access to protect your data. Our main development partner is ISO 27001 certified. We also use additional measures, such as PEN-tests, to keep your data secure. 


No risk for your internal networks: data transfer with secure cellular mobile technologies using a dedicated gateway. Plus, GENIUS is completely independent from your internal networks (like WIFI and LAN). 

State-of-the-art encrypted data transfer: all data communicated to the Cloud is encrypted with state-of-the-act asymmetric encryption, and only trusted devices can communicate with the Cloud.  

Managed data access: access to data limited to you and selected ACG employees engaged in providing you a better service and helping you to operate your pumps better. 

Experienced partners along the value chain: such as, Sierra Wireless, Microsoft Azure, OrangeNEXt and Vodafone. 

360° overview

The GENIUS Instant Insights™ Portal gives you important insights into the pumps’ operation such as



Indicates the overall status of your pumps, including running hours, temperature, and service status



Indicates the percentage availability of your vacuum pumps installation, so you can count on it for steady production



The time that the pump   runs producing the desired vacuum



Gives you clear inputs about the energy consumption of your vacuum pump and it’s impact on the environment



Flags notification of potential failures and service requirements. The alerts can be programmed to be sent through SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail to all relevant contacts in your organization in real time.

If you want to learn more about the GENIUS portal, watch this video tutorial and get an introduction on the registration process and how to navigate through the dashboard.

Connecting your pump to GENIUS Instant Insights™

There are three different ways that you can get your pump connected to GENIUS Instant InsightsTM

When you are in the process of buying a new pump contact your sales representative and ask about GENIUS. 
If the vacuum pump model you are purchasing comes with intelligent controller, then connection to the GENIUS Portal can be accomplished with LAN or by having a GENIUS box Kit installed during the pump’s start up.

If the model of pump does not have intelligent controllers, then the pump can be ordered from the factory with a GENIUS box kit pre-installed.

If you already have purchased a pump from us, but are interested in adding remote connectivity to your pump, with GENIUS installation is easy!

Depending on the model of your pump, you can either install the GENIUS kit yourself, or have one of our service engineers do it during a regular maintenance visit. It takes, on average, 30 minutes to get your pump connecting with GENIUS.

If GENIUS is installed by us during a maintenance visit, there is no extra cost for the installation of GENIUS. 

If your pump is scheduled for maintenance at one of our workshops, you can also request that GENIUS be installed, with no additional cost. This means that when you get your vacuum pump back, it will already be configured and functioning with GENIUS. 

GENIUS Instant Insights™

With GENIUS Instant Insightsᵀᴹ Portal you also get flexibility on which level of details you want to see about your pumps.

The GENIUS Tiers™

*Free access to the connected vacuum pump is always available with ACCESS level


Common questions about GENIUS Instant Insights™

Explore the answers to some of the most popular questions other customers have had. Didn’t find your question in the list? Then just reach out to the local expert in your region by filling out the form below. 

1. What is GENIUS Instant Insights™ ?

GENIUS Instant Insights™ is the remote connectivity solution to support customers in achieving higher levels of uptime, reliability and performance of their vacuum products through the monitoring of critical events that can lead to the machine breakdowns. 

2. Why should I connect my machines with GENIUS Instant Insights™?

Connecting your vacuum pumps to our remote monitoring solution will help to reduce the risk of machines downtime due to unexpected failures and therefore the risk of production losses, which can represent a big financial impact to any organization.

Additionally, with GENIUS Instant Insights™, you learn about the energy consumption & CO2 emissions profile of the vacuum installation, supporting your business with sustainability targets.

3. How do I get my pumps enabled with GENIUS?

You can have your machines connected and remotely communicating to our cloud based platform GENIUS Instant Insights™ in different ways.

When purchasing a new machine, you can ask your sales representative if connectivity can be enabled from factory. This is because not all technologies of vacuum pumps will have this possibility from the production line, in that case, request your sales representative information about GENIUS aftermarket kits, they can be installed during the start up of the pumps by one of our Field Service Engineers or authorized Distributors.

When performing service on site or at one of our authorized workshops, you will be offered the possibility having GENIUS Box kit.

Additionally, when you have an active service agreement with us, the GENIUS Box kit will be installed as default, but you can always de opt in case it does not suit to you.

4. Where do I see my connected pumps?

All pumps actively communicating though GENIUS Box to the GENIUS cloud, will be visible

on the GENIUS Instant Insights™ Portal. 

5. Getting access to the GENIUS Instant Insights™ Portal

To be able to see your connected pumps, you can use desktop or mobile devices
Go to and create your access by following the Instructions.

6. How long does it take to see my pumps connected on the GENIUS Portal?

When the pump is equipped with a GENIUS functionality, it will be online on the GENIUS Portal immediately after the pump is powered on.

7. What can I see on the GENIUS Portal?

On the GENIUS Portal you have 24/7 access to:

Pumps parameters and status with trend graphs, showing current, pressure, power, vibration*

profile of operation.

*Ask you service provider about pump model availability.

You will have dashboards showing:

  • Critical alerts with recommended first aid actions
  • Availability & Uptime of pumps to support actions in coping with production demand
  • Energy Consumption & CO2 emissions, for cost efficiency and sustainability targets
  • Notification for services before it is overdue, to enable planning of cost and downtime of machines.

Additional functionalities available are:

  • Instant reports & Scheduling for monthly reports
  • WhatsApp notification channel, for fast acknowledgement of potential issues
  • Remote software updates for pumps equipped with controllers that support this action, this avoids extra service costs at the Customer side and allows the pumps to be always running at top performance.
  • VPN Access to technical support and useful tools that will save your time 

8. Can I request a demo of the GENIUS Portal?

Yes, contact your service provider and learn GENIUS Portal Instant Insights will help you to better utilize your vacuum pumps and run at lower total cost of ownership.

9. How can I request my pumps to be connected?

Please contact you Sales or Service provider, they will guide you on the options to have your vacuum pumps connected.

10. Is my pump’s data safe when connecting to GENIUS Portal?

All data are safely transmitted from the pumps to the GENIUS portal, this is supported by:

  • Data transfer certificates such as Elliptic Curve – ECC for LAN connections
  • All data communication is encrypted when in rest of in transit to/from the GENIUS Portal
  •  Private key protocols
  • Private APN, higher control of security & IP addressing
  •  Secured access to the portal with user authentication

11. What will GENIUS do with the data collected from my pumps?

  • The data collected from your pumps will be safely stored on the GENIUS cloud and we will retain the data while we have an ongoing relationship with you or as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected.
  • GENIUS will use data intelligence to provide customized recommendations for service and machines optimization, enabling cost and time saving for the Customer.
  • GENIUS will never share the data collected from the connected pumps to third parties.

For more details, please check the Customer Notice, it is displayed when you are requesting your user access to the GENIUS Instant Insights™ Portal.

Contact your service sales representative for more information and benefits.

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