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April 6, 2017

Ultragrade performance vacuum oil 70 4l

BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX, UK (06 April, 2017) –

“As a technology leader in the field of vacuum our customers expect affordable reliable solutions from us“, said Eckart Roettger, President of the Vacuum Technique Service Division. “Unlike the oil you might find in your car that must be changed every 30,000 km, the oil used in many vacuum pumps must work for the equivalent of 2.5 million km. The challenge is in delivering this performance combined with the versatility required to suit every application that we need to serve”.

Edwards’ Ultragrade™ Performance can deliver some of the most exceptional performance possible from a mineral based oil. Ultragrade™ Performance base oils are refined without the uses of solvents for extreme purity. The base fluids are combined with selected additives to provide a formulation resilient to the stresses of mechanical pumping. Finally, fluids are blended to achieve a selection of products that can be exactly matched to different pump types and applications.