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Active Gauges and Controllers

Edwards proven technology: Measure from 200mbar to 5e-10mbar and select the right gauge for your application needs.

Flexibility to tailor your system:

With every process having a specific requirement, we offer multiple gauge types to make sure you have the right gauge for your need. 

From our rugged APG100 Pirani gauges, available in standard and corrosion resistant variants, for measuring from atmosphere to 1e-4mbar to our WRG Cold Cathode/Pirani combination gauges, to measure from atmosphere down to 1e-9mbar.

Edwards active gauge range

Controllers - local display and control of your system

- For those wanting off the shelf solutions, we offer basic single/dual head gauge displays via our ADC product line.

- For those wanting more connectivity and control we have the TIC product line. This is able to control up to 6 gauge heads and to trigger other actions in your system via the RS232 interface/set point output.

- Variants are available that can control our small dry pump ranges and nEXT turbomolecular pump ranges, enabling you to create miniature systems.

Universal controllers

each controller is able to control a mix of active gauge types


all our gauges can be purchased with an additional calibration certificate


simple service procedure for each gauge with no tooling needed for the majority of processes