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Exchange service

In the fast-paced world of industrial operations, minimizing downtime and maximising convenience is crucial. Edwards Service Exchange offers a tailored solution to this challenge. When process uptime is critical and on-site vacuum pump repairs are impractical, or when a more convenient maintenance approach is desired, our service steps in.

We provide you with a seamless vacuum pump replacement with an extensive warranty, swiftly getting your production process back on track. Every pump is expertly prepared and ready for installation in your plant. This allows you to swap one pump for another in a single step. When your exchange pump is installed, you have several days to ship your pump to us.

We understand that any delay can be costly, and that's why we prioritize your efficiency and convenience. Edwards Service Exchange helps you can meet production targets, maintain customer satisfaction, and avoid expensive disruptions, keeping your business running smoothly.

Why is our Exchange Service a benefit to you?

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You have full control 

The delivery time is pre-arranged, so that you can plan ahead and schedule the delivery when it’s most convenient for you.

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk

You will receive a completely refurbished unit from our stock, with an extensive warranty.


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100% fixed-cost 

 With just one quotation and one purchase order, unforeseen costs are reduced.


How does it work?

 It’s easy! Follow these three steps to participate

Reach out to us using the form below to let us know that you need an exchange unit. Once this request is made, we’ll reach out to you to organize the Exchange.

A replacement unit will be shipped directly to you, allowing you to get your production back up and running. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of service exchange products. Every pump has been tested and is ready for immediate installation.

Once you receive the replacement pump, you can ship the defective pump back to us.

Questions? We want to hear from you.

Get in contact with us

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Be notified before your pump stops working.

We have many products and services that notify you in advance of system disruptions:

HealthCheck PROTM uses vibration measurement to look for deviations in your vacuum pump that could lead to critical failure. It provides you with regular reports to compare results over time and get to know your vacuum pump’s overall performance better.

With the GENIUS Instant InsightsTM portal, you can access your pumps from anywhere at any time. All your pump information is stored safely in the GENIUS Instant Insights™ cloud.

Regular scheduled maintenance can identify potential problems before they occur, and plans can be structured around different levels of care. Managed maintenance also enables cost management and will help you avoid the risk and expense associated with unplanned downtime.

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