ATLAS - unrivalled abatement performance

Atlas abatement technology - specific to your process:

  • Atlas TCS for common CVD gases (NF3/F2)
  • Atlas TPU for PFC gases (ClF3, C2F6, C3F8) in CVD processes
  • Atlas Kronis for the low-k CVD gases in next-generation processes
  • Atlas Etch for semicon etch and flat panel display processes (CF4, SF6 and high flow PFC’s)
  • Atlas Helios for safe treatment of hydrogen processes in epitaxy and MOCVD

Atlas™ systems have low fuel consumption compared with previous-generation gas abatement devices and use proven Alzeta™ inward-fired combustor technology to achieve a significantly reduced cost of ownership. With one to six inlets with a number of options, including a temperature management system (TMS), they can treat a flow capacity of up to 600 slm and they offer enhanced ease-of-use and more efficient maintenance.

Edwards' inward-fired combustion technology

Used by most major semiconductor manufacturers, the inward-fired combustor has become a world standard in gas abatement since 1994. This unique combustion technology operates with less fuel, producing a clean, uniform burn chamber.

Low temperature combustion ensures very low NOx emissions and the inward flow of gas prevents process material contact with the chamber walls, minimizing blockage by solids. Ceramic construction material is used to ensure the combustors’ immunity to corrosion and unrivalled reliability and safety.

Outstanding performance, DRE’s typically:

    SiH4 and other Halides below TLV

    NF3 : >99% / <TLV

    F2 : : >99% / <TLV

    CF4 : >90%

    Other PFC’s : >99%