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EU Green Plan

The European Union has been interested in sustainability for many years and has recently come up with a Green Plan.

There are many aspects to this plan but when talking about the semiconductor industry, the plan is enshrined in law which is really important. This importance is generated because of the amount of money that will be invested, €1 trillion between now and 2050. Half of this investment is going to come from the EU’s own budget and it’s emissions trading scheme and the other half is going to come from public and private investment, as well as from transnational co-financing.

Chris Jones, Environmental Solutions Business Development Manager, Edwards, explains the plan in more detail, focusing on where the semiconductor industry and numerous aspects of the Green Plan crossover.

SEMIs S23 Standard - Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet

The greatest potential for immediate reductions in GHG emissions in semiconductor manufacturing lies in reducing the energy used by manufacturing equipment. To read more on this subject, download Chris Jones’ article Semi’s 23 Standard – Save Energy, Save Money, Save the Planet, below.


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