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Edwards CTI-Cryogenics range of compressors

An integrated cryopump power frequency converter assures maximum cryopump performance in both 50 and 60 Hz applications for all Edwards vacuum pumps.


8200 Compressor

  • Designed to provide optimum performance with On-Board Cryopumps, On-Board Waterpumps and Cryo-Torr Cryopumps, this compressor supports all pumps up to eight inches in size. Because the 8200 is designed for flexibility, you can locate the compressor wherever it is most convenient for your system operation.

9600 Compressor

  • Designed expressly for long usable life, high reliability and ease of use, this compressor provides outstanding performance with all Cryo-Torr Cryopumps, On-Board Cryopumps, On-Board Waterpumps and On-Board TurboPlus Vacuum Pumps. The 9600 supports both single- and grouped-pump configurations and is compatible with CTI-Cryogenics pumping installations worldwide.

9700A Compressor

  • With increased helium output, the 9700A Compressor is ideal for operating multiple cryopumps. In many multiple cryopump and waterpump applications, one 9700A Compressor provides a single compressor solution. The 9700A Compressor, which reduces power consumption, water distribution and footprint when compared to multiple compressor applications, is compatible with Cryo-Torr and On-Board Cryopumps.

IS Compressors

  • IS-1000 Compressor - intelligent, high efficiency compressor technology for On-Board IS Cryopumps. The IS-1000 Compressor supports up to six On-Board IS-8F Cryopumps in the same footprint as a 9600 Compressor.
    IS-2000V Compressor - delivers lowest power usage at all phases of operation via the combination of higher pressure, rotary technology and adaptable helium delivery aligning with SEMI S-23 objectives. The IS-2000V replaces two On-Board IS-1000 compressors. This high capacity helium compressor is designed to support On-Board IS Cryopump applications. An integrated cryopump power frequency converter assures maximum cryopump performance in both 50 and 60 Hz applications.

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