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on-board IS Cryopump

Increase your system throughput and process productivity

Edwards CTI-Cryogenics On-Board® IS Single Stage Cryopumps significantly increase the water pumping speed of turbopumps, making possible significant advances in system throughput and process productivity whether they are used in transfer, in-line, or process chamber applications.

High water-pumping speed also enhances end-product quality in many vacuum processes, improving overall yields and sharply cutting both waste and the cost of production itself.

On-Board® IS Single Stage Cryopumps are designed in a variety of configurations to meet most application requirements. They are available in both inline and insitu configurations in a variety of sizes.


Key Features

  • Pumps more than 16,000 litres per second of water vapour, improving process quality and decreasing cycle time in a broad range of applications
  • Pumps a wide variety of hydrocarbon gas contaminants, delivering five to ten times higher contaminant pumping speed than turbopumps while reducing end-product defects
  • Increases turbopump water vapour pumping speed by eight times in load-locked transfer or process chamber use
  • Lowest vibration than On-Board® cryopump range
  • Operates at low-cost and with a minimal footprint, since it does not require a large closely coupled compressor – it can often operate with existing helium system
  • Available for inline or insitu configurations in a variety of sizes to meet user requirements
  • Easy installation

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