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We offer a range of ion pumps, NEG-Ion combination pumps, titanium sublimation pumps, non-evaporable getter pumps and accessories through Gamma Vacuum.

Capture pumping technologies create high vacuum (HV) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environments for a variety of applications, ranging from portable mass spectrometers to large scale particle accelerators. They can create the lowest possible vacuum at an economical cost.

HyTan NEG-Ion Pumps

NEG pumps deliver high pumping speeds for H2 but also chemically active gases such as N2, O2 and CO, whilst ion pumps efficiently extract all gas species including noble gases and methane. HyTan NEG-Ion Pumps combine both technologies into one compact UHV pump.

With exchangeable modules the NEG pumps offer hydrogen pumping speed ranges from 100 – 500 l/s, and with noble and conventional diode elements for the ion pump module, this innovative technology is suitable for a wide range of UHV applications.

Due to its compact size, and the option of assembling the pump inside a chamber, the HyTan NEG-Ion Pump is a perfect fit for UHV environments where space is restricted. 

Ion pumps

Gamma Vacuum Titan Ion Pump

Titan ion pump

Also known as sputter ion pumps or ion getter pumps.

Those are capture pumps that ionize gases using an anode/cathode array.

Ions sputter reactive cathode materials, creating a chemical reaction that turns the ionized gases into solid compounds. Those compounds no longer contribute to the pressure of the vacuum system and are permanently captured within the ion pump.

Ion pumps can operate from 10-5 to 10-12 mbar and range in size from 0.2 to 1,200 l/s of nitrogen.

Titanium sublimation pumps

Operate by heating a titanium filament and subliming (converting from solid to gas phase) titanium molecules onto a surface.

Sublimed titanium molecules are then available to chemically react with reactive gases, like oxygen and nitrogen, and disassociate and diffuse hydrogen.

TSP’s can operate from 10-5 to 10-12 mbar and have pumping speeds in excess of 10,000 l/s of hydrogen.

Gamma Vacuum Titanium sublimation ion pump

Titanium sublimation ion pump

Non-evaporable getter (NEG) pumps

Are reactive metals that have been pressed onto solid substrates or sintered into discs.

A specific combination of Zirconium, Vanadium and Iron has been found to work best for HV and UHV environments. The amount of material used controls the speed and capacity of the NEG pump, but typically range from 55 to 412 l/s and capacity from 630 to 3600 Torr l/s.

As NEG’s become saturated with gases, they can be reactivated without venting to atmosphere.

DIGITEL ion pump controllers

A range of ion pumps, NEG pumps, TSP and NEG controllers have been developed to regulate, power and manage your vacuum application.

Whether you’re running a single, or multiple pumps, our range of controllers have been designed to ensure you maintain steady voltage and current levels, with a range of integration protocols, safety features and easy to use navigation interface.

The advanced SPCe, QPC, MPCq, and TSP controllers will help you unlock the peak performance of your vacuum system.

  • DIGITEL SPCe small pump controller for managing single ion pumps up to 75 l/s
  • DIGITEL QPC quad pump controller for managing up to 4 ion pumps up to 100 I/s
  • DIGITEL MPCq multiple pump controller high current control for up to 4 large ion pumps
  • TSP controller manage up to 2 TSP pumps (= 6 TSP filaments)

UHV (ultra-high vacuum) accessories

Designed to work in perfect unison with the Gamma Vacuum portfolio of products.

This range of accessories will further support the performance, reliability, and efficiency of your vacuum system.

  • High Voltage cables – built inhouse our range of high voltage cables are tailor made to fit a diverse range of applications and power requirements.
  • TSP cables – Long lasting, robust and reliable cable for our titanium sublimination pumps.
  • Splitter box - Split the power going to ion or NEG pumps for parallel operation.
  • TSP shroud –The shroud is coated with the sublimated titanium, creating a large active surface providing superior hydrogen pumping speed.

Ultra High Vacuum Pump key features

Mechanical vibration eliminated

Capture pumps have no moving parts. Vibration from moving parts and electrical noise is eliminated

High radiation tolerance

Capture pumps are built with radiation tolerant materials in excess of 108 Gray. Connectors and cables are also built with radiation tolerant materials for years of continuous operation

High temperature tolerance

Without any special consideration, capture pumps can be baked to 250 °C. Removing the magnets allows for hotter bakes up to 450 °C. Long hot bakes are critical to every UHV system

Regular maintenance eliminated

Capture pumps require virtually no maintenance and avoid costly vacuum events because they are sealed from atmosphere, saving time, money and resources

Low initial operational costs

Initial cost is typically less than comparable specifications of other types of vacuum pumps. They use minimal or no power for years of low cost operation

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