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Improving your skills

To increase your capability, we ensure you’ll receive the right focus on our technical training to learn about our products. We have experts across the world who provide first class training to our employees from one of the many training centres established across the globe and online which offer a whole range of learning from management essentials to IT courses.

Leadership skills

Our Leadership Development programmes are first class. You may be trained in international operations, be invited to attend our executive management programme or mentored through our global Mentoring Programme. Leadership is a big focus for us, so we’ve developed some of the best leadership development programmes for our talented employees.

In our experience no two career paths are ever the same. Or to put it another way, your career path is up to you. We want you to realise your full potential and we will encourage you every step of the way, regardless of age, gender or nationality.

Portret of Sue Rabbett
“Across Edwards, we believe that employees are in charge of their own professional development and are responsible for owning their own career development. We believe that people grow by experiencing new challenges, participating in new assignments; and hearing and acting on constructive feedback.”
Sue Rabbett, Vice President - Human Resources, Vacuum Technique,
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