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Battery Cells & Systems Expo,  28  - 29 June 2023, NEC, Birmingham

Logo of Battery Cells & Systems Expo
  • Date June 28, 2023
  • Location Birmingham
  • Country UK – United Kingdom
  • Venue Hall 3, NEC, Birmingham
  • Booth 1129
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Edwards, a leading supplier of vacuum pumping systems to the Lithium battery Industry is participating in the Battery Cells & Systems Expo in Birmingham, United Kingdom from 28th June -29th June 2023.

Edwards has worked closely with major Lithium battery manufacturers since early 2010 to understand the processes and the challenges involved in obtaining high performance batteries for electric vehicles. As part of the electrode manufacture process, the chemicals are mixed, the electrodes are vacuum dried, the cell is filled with electrolytes, moisture and bubbles are removed from the cell and it is sealed under vacuum by degassing.

Using cutting-edge screw technology and advanced control capability, Edwards GXS dry vacuum pumps provide better ultimate vacuum, reliability, low cost of ownership, and small footprint to major lithium battery manufacturers.




Lithium battery manufacturing cycle



Meet our Vacuum Solutions Experts at the event

Discuss your process with our Vacuum Experts at the Edwards booth at Battery Cells & Systems Expo.

28th & 29th June 2023, Hall 3, NEC, Birmingham, UK