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Edwards Passive gauges are gauge heads without onboard electronics: well suited to environments with high amounts of radiation or very high ambient temperatures.

Passive Gauge Range

Edwards passive gauge range

The head that is attached to the system only contains the items needed for the physical measurement and all other electronics is contained in the controller. As such the controller and cable have to be specific to the desired gauge.

Rugged and accurate solutions for the harshest environments:

  • Perfect for High Energy Physics and R&D applications where radiation would damage a normal active gauges electronics. These gauges have a long and proven track record in such environments.
  • With these applications often requiring Ultra High Vacuum pressures, our passive gauges have the widest measuring range, able to achieve measurement down to 2e-12mbar with our IG40-EX range.

Dedicated controllers

Passive gauges electronics are kept in a separate controller, which is what enables them to cope in irradiated environments. 

Two controllers are available in the range: analogue and digital outputs, on board set points to offer you the choice on how to integrate into your wider system.

  • PGC201 – driving 2 pirani gauges (PRG20K) and one cold cathode gauge (CPG35K). 
  • PGC202 – driving 2 pirani gauges (PRG20K)and one hot cathode gauge (IG40BA or IG40EX).
Passive Gauges Table

Passive Gauges Table


gauge head more resistant against ionising radiation


UHV gauge heads can be baked to high temperatures

Widest measuring range

ability to measure from atmosphere to 2e-12mbar