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Increasing output, maximising safety

Global experience to support your innovation

Our vast experience gained in semiconductor fabs puts us in a unique position to support you in the adoption of silicon wafer processing technology. We can also help you to:

  • simultaneously handle the high hydrogen and ammonia flow rates seen with MOCVD tools
  • deliver increased powder handling capability with high resistance to corrosive gases
  • bring you an all-in-one compact solution, with low power for large volume, high-flow applications.

All of our abatement systems are designed to reduce the environmental impact of your operations and lower costs.

LED Manufacture

There is a continual drive to conserve energy and LEDs are a major contributor to that demand. As part of the LED manufacturing process we understand the vacuum and environmental challenges our customer face. We believe with our global experience we can provide the most cost effective, safe environmental friendly technology solutions supporting our customer productivity.