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How is vacuum changing in your SubFab?

In this abstract, Alan Brightman, Senior Product Manager at Edwards, explores how the simultaneous challenges of corrosive and condensable precursor materials meet reaction by-products in a vacuum environment.

As the scale of semiconductor manufacture changes once again, pressure mounts on innovation.


Is the SubFab ready for a harsher productivity environment?

The days of one pump doing it all, where the solution was to simply use a bigger pump, are gone. Pump designs must be optimised for particular applications. This is especially true where we have harsh duty challenges, involving simultaneous corrosion and condensable challenges.

The rising overhead cost

Energy costs are a critical consideration in semiconductor manufacturing, typically contributing more than 30% of total Fab operating expenses. Energy costs become even more critical during times of reduced production, which occur periodically during semiconductor industry business cycles.

New processes and materials demand innovative solutions

New processes and materials are always being introduced, for example the range of CVD precursors and reaction byproducts is expanding and these create new challenges where we have issues with condensation and corrosion. Condensation and corrosion in vacuum systems increase power consumption and maintenance costs. Addressing such challenges requires innovative solutions that rely foremost on an intimate understanding of processes and materials.

Alan Brightman profile pic

Alan Brightman

Senior Product Manager

Cover of the document the production and business impact of Edwards XCEDE dry pump upgrades

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