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service engineer repairing an Edwards vacuum pump

Why choose our repair and rebuild services?

Edwards vacuum pumps are built for reliability and steady performance. If you conduct regular maintenance to your pump, it should last you a lifetime. Still, sometimes you run into troubles and then our service technicians help you to get up and running as soon as possible. From troubleshooting from afar, to on-site repair and service, our technicians know exactly what your pump needs.

Trained technician

In-house trained

Nobody knows your pump better
than our service technicians,
who were trained in the factory
where your pump was built. 

Genuine spare parts & oil

Genuine spare
parts and oil

Genuine spare parts, oil and
consumables ensure reliable
operation and extend the lifetime
of your product.

1 year warranty

1 year warranty on repaired and refurbished equipment

We prioritize quality in every repair and
rebuild process.
From replacing worn-out parts to
fine-tuning intricate mechanisms,
we ensure that your vacuum
pump operates as new.

Timely turnaround

Timely turnaround

Minimise downtime with our
prompt services. We strive
for quick turnarounds
without compromising on quality.

Repair options for your vacuum pump

Our equipment is built for easy repair and we provide resources to self-service your pump. Contact your service representative if you need more advice or a troubleshooting guide.

Our technicians know your pump the best and have a wide experience with all its possible applications. Our field service technicians can come on-site for interventions on equipment and bring genuine spare parts, consumables and all the required tools. 

Highly sensitive and complex technology like turbomolecular pumps are best handled in our own service centres. Our service centres can handle every service requirement and refurbishment, regardless the condition of your pump. Our laboratory is also fully equipped to calibrate and certify vacuum measurement instruments in accordance with recognised global standards. 

Our exchange and rental options to minimize downtime of your production. We can help you to decide when and how to ship your pump.

To head off costly repairs, we recommend our Vacuum Health-Check. Especially after long periods of inactivity your vacuum pump deserves a check-up. Our engineers will help you to monitor and maintain your vacuum system, anticipating potential problems and helping to maximise your uptime.   

When uptime is critical, Edwards Exchange Service is the solution, providing a rapid vacuum pump replacement service for your vacuum equipment. Get a completely refurbished unit from our stock with a 12-month full warranty. 

An exchange pump can keep your production up while your vacuum system undergoes regular maintenance, and it can be your stand-by solution in case of emergencies.

Our vacuum pump rebuild service delivers the closest thing to a new pump you can get, managed by the technical experts who understand every inch of your equipment. You will get the performance of a new pump, without the initial investment costs. 

Our vacuum pump repair process

  • Incoming inspection 
  • Disassembly
  • Decontamination
  •  Cleaning 
  • Component Inspection
  • Replacement of parts
  • Reassembly
  • Painting 
  • Safety testing
  • Performance validation
  • Expertise report

Finance options to get your pump repaired

Fixed price service

The fastest way to get your pump up and running again is our fixed price service. We will restore your pump to new specification for a pre-determined price, all interventions and parts are covered. Fixed price service is suitable for your service interventions and ensures everything is aligned upfront; including planning certainty without delays. If you would like to transfer planning and responsibility for maximized reliability, we recommend choosing a service plan that covers every repair and service need you may have. 

Get a quote for your pump’s repair

For time uncritical repairs, we can also thoroughly analyse your pump before providing you with a quote for the planned repair. Our service technicians will help you to plan the required repair to keep your downtime as minimal as possible.

Total care with a ServicePlanᵀᴹ

The most cost-effective way to get immediate repair and back-up for your vacuum system, is a Service plan. Every service plan is specifically tailored to your vacuum system, service schedule and production requirements. Read more about our ServicePlanᵀᴹ .

If you can’t afford your production process to falter, then our service plans give you total peace of mind. Contact us for a made-to-measure proposal.