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Driving energy savings in semiconductor manufacturing

Green pump upgrades

A Case Study on reducing energy costs in manufacturing with our iXH 1210 Energy Saving Upgrade

In the dynamic landscape of semiconductor manufacturing, optimising energy usage is imperative for sustainability and profitability. Satisfying both output demands and environmental constraints is a growing global challenge.

Environmental reporting standards and growing emission regulations driven by climate change frameworks is driving semiconductor chip manufacturers to work more closely with their equipment and service suppliers. These close partnerships are bringing fresh innovation into the strategies, infrastructure and initiatives used by manufacturers to reduce the resource consumption and the environmental impact of semiconductor manufacturing.  

That's why we are working with our customers at the forefront of developing equipment and systems to minimise resource use: power, water and utilities, combined with Service strategies, to maximise Fab efficiency while minimising environmental impact.

This case study centers on a multinational semiconductor manufacturing and design company grappling with rising energy usage and expenses, seeking avenues for improvement. As one of the leaders in the industry, it is important for them to be a force that uplifts society and creates sustainable value. Through careful analysis and strategic implementation, our team collaborated closely with our customer to deploy our latest dry pump upgrade tailored specifically for energy optimisation. 

The pivotal solution to address this challenge, without imposing significant capital demands, was the installation of a new environmental upgrade to a series of previous Edwards dry pump models.

This energy saving upgrade enhances the iXH1210  to massively  reduce power consumption by 33% compared to previous models. Crucially, the dimensions and specifications of the pump's inlet and outlet remain unchanged, along with the facility requirements, eliminating the need for additional tooling time. Our  customers will immediately benefit from increased efficiency without the capital equipment investment and changes to their equipment set-up. 

‘’The results were nothing short of remarkable. By upgrading the fleet with us, our customer achieved a gradual reduction in energy consumption. Notably, these efficiency gains translated into tangible cost savings, while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint.’’

Beyond the financial and environmental benefits, our practice underscores the broader significance of energy saving in semiconductor manufacturing as a catalyst for sustainable development.

By adopting innovative technologies and embracing a holistic approach to energy management, customers can navigate the complexities of today's energy landscape while simultaneously positioning themselves as leaders in responsible production practices.

As we continue to tackle climate change, the importance of energy efficiency in semiconductor manufacturing remains a priority, guiding all industry stakeholders towards a more sustainable future.

iXH210 Energy saving upgrade

For more information, please download "Semiconductor manufacturer reduces their Co2 footprint with an energy saving upgrade: a customer the success story" below.