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Enabling Functions

Providing governance for success

“ I enjoy contributing to our employees development towards achieving their career vision. I am proud to create an effective learning environment by promoting expertise and a free flow of learning within Edwards. We consistently strive for better.” Rose, Learning and Development Specialist, Korea

“Working every day with people from different functions. This can be sales teams in the Customer Centres, Operations teams in the Product Companies, or with other members of the Semi Division leadership team. I bring information and insights to these discussions and in return I receive new information and new views. This collaboration brings an outcome that is greater than the sum of the parts.“ Rory, Vice President Finance, Semiconductor Division

“The best thing is that I can enjoy working with people in various roles and disciplines from all over the world. Another amazing thing about my role is the huge scope I cover. If we take it to the extreme, I can support the purchase of everything from toilet paper to big factory equipment. This gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day.” Pavla, Global Indirect Procurement Manager, Czech

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