Gas stream cooling using highly efficient refrigerant heat exchangers

Cryochillers and Cryocoolers

Polycold® Closed Loop Gas Chillers incorporate both a closed loop refrigerating system and a recirculating gas coolant system, which cools a gas stream using highly efficient refrigerant heat exchangers.

The gas stream is recirculating, using any inert dry gas (such as nitrogen, helium, argon or dry air) as the coolant medium.

Chilled gas recirculation offers easy serviceability and inherently reliable operation.

The PGCL uses field-proven modules for unparalleled reliability while also maintaining a small footprint. Clean coolant gas has low cost of ownership and allows high temperature bake out without pressure buildup.


•  Models provide between 630 - 800 watts cooling

•  Temperatures to below -100°C possible

•  Rated for Continuous Cooling

•  Recirculates Compressed Dry Gas

•  Autofill

•  CE, SEMI F47 & SEMI S2 compliant

•  Refrigerant gases are US EPA-SNAP approved, CFC-Free, HCFC-Free, and meet European Union laws

•  Reliable performance

•  Long life, with low to no maintenance.