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We are application experts who understand our customers’ processes, and develop solutions focused on maintaining productivity and lowering risk. Serving all leading process tool OEMs, and with a presence at every major semiconductor fab in the world, our products are designed to meet the specific requirements of existing and developing processes.

Our solutions will improve your process up-time, yield, throughput and safety compliance whilst striving to balance the often conflicting requirements of lower cost of ownership through reduced environmental emission and extended product lifetimes with a reduction in on-going service costs.

Atlas™ from Edwards: the range of combustion gas abatement solutions that offers semiconductor, flat panel display, Solar and MOCVD manufacturers reduced operating costs and enhanced ease-of-use. Atlas abatement technology specific to your process:

  • Atlas TCS for common CVD gases (NF3/F2)
  • Atlas TPU for PFC gases (ClF3, C2F6, C3F8) in CVD processes
  • Atlas Kronis for the low-k CVD gases in next-generation processes
  • Atlas Etch for semicon etch and flat panel display processes (CF4, SF6 and high flow PFC’s)
  • Atlas Helios for safe treatment of hydrogen processes in epitaxy and MOCVD

The Spectra Z exhaust management system is a cost-effective, reliable and high performance abatement solutions for the latest generation of Flat Panel Display (FPD) and Solar Cell manufacturing process.

  • Spectra Series for the Flat Panel Display, Photovoltaic & LED markets. 
  • Spectra G - Clean Abatement for GaN Processes
  • Spectra Z - Unique 4-Stage Combustion Technology Suited to Handle High Volumes of Pyrophoric Materials

Neptune is an ideal turnkey high flow environmental solution system contained in one box. It brings abatement, wet scrubbing and particulate capture into one easily maintained high flow environmental solution. Ideal for Flat Panel and PV solar applications.

Edwards Proteus, the new benchmark in the abatement of green-house gases, enables the effective treatment of PFC and other global warming gases without the use of natural gas or other hydrocarbons. Proteus is a low power consumption, user-friendly and cost effective solution to reducing the carbon footprint of semiconductor manufacturing.

Edwards SMART Thermal Management Solutions provides reliable and accurately controlled heating of forelines and process exhaust pipes to prevent blockage by condensed by-products or residual process materials.

The complete SMART TMS package comprises electrical pipeline heaters, high-efficiency insulation jackets, a SMART TMS control unit with optional HMI (touch screen interface), and access to Edwards highly-trained and experienced Applications Specialists. Designed for simplicity of installation, SMART TMS provides repeatable, controlled temperature management to ensure consistent process performance and safe pipeline maintenance.

The Edwards Gas Reactor Column (GRC) is the world leading system for safe 'Point of Use' abatement. Specifically designed to safely remove hazardous gases from vacuum pump exhausts on semiconductor processes.

The GRC is a unique hot bed reactor that chemically destroys toxic gases. It treats the widest range and mixture of gases in one system without creating new effluent disposal problems.

A proprietary mixture of inorganic granules is held within a welded stainless steel cartridge. This maintained at an elevated temperature by insertion in a tubular electric heater. Hazardous exhaust gases passing into cartridge are chemically reacted to completion and converted into inert stable inorganic salts.