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Vacuum Leak Detectors

For enhanced sensitivity and reliability

GasCheck G4

GasCheck G4 advanced gas leak detector

Successor to the popular GasCheck G3, the new model G4 features an improved Micro Thermal Conductivity sensor for enhanced sensitivity and piezo disc pump for increased reliability.

At the heart of the instrument is a sensor which can detect any gas with a different thermal conductivity to that of air. 

Leaks can be located, and the gas leak rate shown on the large LCD colour display in a choice of convenient units. The handheld leak detector holds an easily selected internal library of gases specific to your application.

Datalogging with the GasCheck G4 is now possible over a long period of time (up to 10 days continuous) meaning less back and forth to download data. 

As part of the GasCheck G4 kit you receive a lightweight portable carry case, which is a good source of protection when the device is in transit. The carry case holds the handheld gas leak detector, key accessories, and cables, more of which are available separately.

GasCheck G4

Features and Benefits of GasCheck G4

  • Detect leaks with automatic and direct display of gas leak rate.
  • Large LCD colour display with intuitive control and value displays.
  • Choice of readings in cc/sec, mg/m3h-1 or ppm, g/yr and %vol.
  • Rapidly detects almost any known gas – particularly sensitive to ammonia, argon, butane, helium, xenon.
  • Data-logging facility – 10 days of continuous logging.
  • Ergonomically designed for portable one-handed operation - IP44 protection, ruggedised design, rechargeable Li-ion battery (up to 20 hours) and lightweight.


  • Leak detection of new installations & serviced equipment.  
  • Leak detection of welds, joints, seams and gaskets on components that are pressurised with a traceable gas such as helium or carbon dioxide.  
  • Leak testing refrigeration plants.
  • Leak check on cylinders and aerosols. 
  • Used in mass spectrometry and gas chromatography.
  • Leak detection in environments with a high magnetic stray field.
  Technical specifications    
  Detector  Micro thermal conductivity detector (MTCD)
  Battery type  Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  Battery life  20 hours
  Audible alarm  ≥90 dBa at 10 cm at 50 % relative humidity (room temperature)
  Factory calibration  5000 ppm helium (±5%) Leak: 0.0005 cc/sec (±5%)
  Data logging  10 days continuous
  Response (T90)  1 second
  Flow rate  2 cc/s
  Temperature  Operating: 0°C to 50°C
  Humidity  0 - 99% R.H
  Weight  447g (approx.)
  Dimensions  320 x 80 x 55 mm (approx.)
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