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Hardware and Fittings for Vacuum Systems

Critical to the performance

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Quality you expect from Edwards

When you buy vacuum pump components from Edwards, you can expect the quality and service that only a leading international supplier can provide. 

We understand that flanges and fittings are critical to the performance of your vacuum system, and supply only high quality products which meet the highest specification.

Why choose vacuum components and flange fittings from Edwards

  • Convenience of supply: single source supplier, able to provide the complete system solution either online or via local supply centres.
  • High quality and reliability: precision material control ensures a dependable vacuum performance on sensitive or demanding applications.
  • Comprehensive choice: complete range for all common flange sizes in aluminium and stainless steel.


Valves, Fittings and Hardware

Vacuum components and fittings at a glance

NW flange (ISO-KF) assembly

NW fittings, otherwise known as ISO-KF, are the industry standard for many applications in the low to high vacuum range. They are ideal for achieving dependable cost-effective performance down to 10-7 mbar across a range of applications from light to harsh duty. A simple fastening method means that systems can be easily assembled, and a leak tight vacuum seal is quickly achieved.

  • Manufactured to ISO 2861 and DIN 28403 standards
  • Nominal diameters 10 to 50 mm
  • Use with either elastomer or formed aluminium seals
  • Choice of clamp type depending on application, access, convenience, and cost
  • For use in high-vacuum applications: pressures >10-8 mbar 
NW Flang (ISO-KF)
ISO Flange (ISO-K and ISO-F)

ISO flange assembly

ISO fittings provide high corrosion resistance in semiconductor processing and excellent repeatability across the range of low to high vacuum applications. The flanges are joined using either claw clamps or bolts with a fluroelastomer or nitrile centring ring and O-ring.

  • Manufactured to ISO 1609 and DIN 28404 standards
  • Nominal diameters 40-630 mm
  • ISO-F flanges have fixed hole patterns
  • ISO-K flanges are typically joined with claw and can be converted/connected to ISO-F using a rotatable collar or half claws
  • For use in high-vacuum applications: pressure >10-8 mbar

Double claw clamps slot into a circular grove around the flange and secured to provide a simple but secure flange connection. The more conventional method is to use a range of bolt holes and nut/bolts with either a rotatable or fixed collar flange.

UHV ConFlat® flange assembly

CF fittings have a unique sealing system to achieve a leak tight joint. A copper seal is squeezed axially and radially between two CF flanges, where knife-edges force the copper to cold flow. This flow is severely limited by the vertical flange wall which generates high pressures and fills surface imperfections to prove an extremely tight metal to metal seal.

  • Manufactured to ISO 3669 standard
  • Nominal diameters 16-350 mm
  • Used almost exclusively with copper ring metal seals
  • Bakeable up to 450 ºC
  • Typically used in UHV systems: pressures <10-8 mbar

Metric flanges, common in Europe and Asia, use metric tapped holes and bored holes in flanges suitable for metric tubing. Flanges specified in inches, more commonly used in the USA, use UNF flange threads and bored holes compatible with inch size tube. We offer both options.

CF Fittings

It is important to make the correct material selection depending on your application and outgassing, operating temperature and leak tightness requirements.


Co-seals keep the carrier out of the vacuum and thus have the added benefits of eliminating crevices and trapped volumes that can lead to instability and gas bursts.

The centring rings are only designed for vacuum applications. Where some positive pressure may be seen (such as exhaust lines), co-seals and trapped O-ring should be used. They have carriers which support the O-ring on both sides making them ideal for both vacuum and positive pressure use.

Clamps and clamping rings

  • Stainless steel clamping rings 

  • Polymer clamp 

  • Aluminium clamp 

  • Bulkhead clamp 

  • "C" clamp 

  • Claw clamps and bolts 


  • Co-seal - aluminium 

  • Co-seal - High-tech polymer 

  • Centring ring with O-ring - aluminium 

  • Centring ring with O-ring - high-tech polymer 

  • Trapped O-rings 

  • Metal seals 

Pipeline components

  • Aluminium components 

  • Stainless steel components 

Bellows and flexible pipelines

  • Bellows 

  • Flexible pipelines and braided flexible pipelines 


Our components and flange fittings are designed to be leak-tight across the range of vacuum applications, and not intended to provide full structural support.

When designing any vacuum system, it is essential that consideration is given to the static and dynamic loads imposed on each connection. If necessary, additional mechanical support should be provided and built into the design.

Regular inspection including leak-checking and, where appropriate periodic replacement of components should be considered to ensure system efficiencies and safety is maintained.

For more information on the safe installation of your vacuum pump and equipment contact us.

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