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The challenge of PM2.5

Chris Jones discusses how particulate contamination is frequently created by semiconductor processes, why size does matter, and the impact on health.


Today I want to talk to you about the development of a method to determine pm 2.5 and total particulate releases.

Why are particulate matter releases important? They're important because you, I and other individuals can breathe in that particulate matter and it can cause serious health impacts.

Does the particulate size matter?

The smaller the size of the particle the further it can get into your body the further it gets into the body the more damage it can do to you. It can lead to cardiovascular disease and even to cancer.

Are all particulate matter the same?

The simple answer is no. The more toxic the particulate matter the more damage it will cause your body, so simple particulates such as silica dust is far less hazardous than dust generated from toxic materials such as arsenic.

What are the practical challenges in measuring particulate matter?

It's really important to use an internationally recognized method. Application of the method is also critical, in order to give one confidence that the results are real.

In duct sampling, or close to that sampling is the way forward.

Total particulate monitoring using in duct filters and cyclone methods for pm 2.5 have been used to determine that most of the particulate from our Edwards’ equipment is less than 2.5 micron in size.

Also, that our wet electrostatic precipitator is able to remove in excess of 99.5 percent of the particulate from our exhaust gas.

A well-developed analytical method, gives us at Edwards, confidence that Edwards’ equipment is effectively removing particulate matter.

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Chris Jones

Environmental Solutions
Business Development Manager

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