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iTrap® Process Gas Analyzers

See where you have been blind before

Image of the Edwards process gas analyser iTrap

iTrap® is a compact, highly sensitive ion trap Fourier Transform mass spectrometer. It is an ideal tool for process analysis and inline process control. It can be used in R&D and production environments. iTrap supports you reliably in detecting the smallest traces of reaction byproducts or contamination, it helps you to investigate effectiveness of cleans and analyze chamber health. A mass spectrum is measured in almost real time, and you can trace very small amounts of molecules in your process chamber. iTrap is a powerful tool in the hands of a researcher or process development engineer and can also be used as an intelligent sensor integrated and controlled by other process tool equipment.


Edwards iTrap convinces through: 

  • Speed | Real time measurements possible, full spectrum in < 0.5 sec
  • Sensitivity | Small trace concentration measurements 
  • Compactness | Can be integrated with a process chamber. Standardized software interface ready for external chemicals. 
  • Robustness against corrosives | Inert surface, No detectors. Withstands H2, Cl, F and other aggressive chemicals  



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