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Vacuum pump oil and fluids

Specifically design to give you the best possible vacuum performance

Vacuum pump oil you can trust

Our oils and technical fluids have been specifically designed to suit vacuum applications. All of our lubricants are tested under laboratory conditions and are validated over thousands of hours of operation. As a result, you can rely on Edwards oils and fluids to enhance performance, extend life and save energy.

ULTRAGRADE Performance oil

Our ULTRAGRADE Performance oils are refined for extreme purity and offer:

  • Low vapour pressure, even at high temperatures
  • Resilience to the stresses of mechnical pumping.

Oils and fluids for your application

You can choose vacuum pump oils that have been specifically developed for your application, for example food processing and chemical industries.

Fast global availability

We keep stocks of oils and fluids in all of our global distribution centres ready to dispatch when you need them:

  • Worldwide availability
  • Fast shipping in friendly container sizes to match your pump needs
  • Expert advice about applications and use..

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