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Jacomex glove boxes and Edwards vacuum pumps

G-mega, the XXL glove box

Edwards team is proud to view Stokes pumps in Usine Nouvelle, being part of G-mega, a cutting-edge engineering solution developed and produced by the French company Jacomex. Read article : Usine Nouvelle

G-mega is a modular XXL glove box (volumes from 40m3 up to 150m3 or more) for secured industrial processes under protective inert atmosphere, such as high-tech welding, additive manufacturing or robotic thin film deposition. 


Stokes rotary piston pumps combined with EH Roots pumps selected for G-Mega

In glove box applications, vacuum pumps are used for vacuum-inerting cycles in airlock chambers to allow transfers free of atmospheric pollution.  Stokes rotary piston pumps combined with EH Roots pumps have been successfully implemented on G-Mega. Stokes pumps were selected for their vacuum performances, their high pumping capacity required due to important volume of airlock-chambers as well as their proven reliability in industrial environments. Roots EH pumps were also selected for their high capacity as well as Edwards hydrokinetic coupling technology*.

To know more about Stokes pumps and Roots


Hydrokinetic coupling
What is a hydrokinetic coupler used for?

*Hydrokinetic coupling simplifies installations allowing vacuum from atmospheric pressure without using bypass, variable speed drive or inverter

Gmega jacomex glovesbox
Stokes jacomex glovesbox
Why 2 groups of pumps are installed in parallel on G-mega?

Two Edwards groups were mounted in parallel because the G-mega glove box has two large transfer airlock-chambers, thus allowing uninterrupted operating and production optimization.

Jacomex logo

Know more about Jacomex:

Jacomex is a French company, leader in the design and manufacture of neutral gas purification units, glove boxes, isolators and all sizes of containment enclosures for more than 75 years.

Jacomex manufactures more than 120 glove boxes per year with a significant worldwide presence. The G-mega is an XXL version developed for applications requiring high vacuum processing capacity. The 1st G-mega glove boxes were delivered in France and Russia for additive manufacturing and welding of aeronautical parts. Click here to visit Jacomex website

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