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Turbomolecular Pumping Stations

Flexible, compact and end user serviceable

Developed to provide a comprehensive vacuum solution with the latest technological advances for easy installation and operation.


All our nEXT turbomolecular pumping stations are supplied fully assembled and ready to run straight out of the box with nEXT turbomolecular pumps and backing pumps that are user serviceable. 

There are 4 models in the turbomolecular pumping stations range:

  • the entry level T-Station 85
  • the higher capacity T-Station 300
  • the more sophisticated nEXT Turbomolecular pumping station also referred to as the TIC Turbo cart. 
  • the comprehensive vacuum solution with the latest technological advances, which is the TIC cart XL pumping station.

With this range of pumping solutions there will surely be one that addresses your vacuum requirements!