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Edwards Gauges

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We have developed one of the widest measurement portfolios.

Active gauges: self-contained head & driver electronics in a compact unit

Gauges and TIC controller
With every process having a specific requirement, we offer multiple gauge types: you get the right gauge for your need!

From our rugged APG100 Pirani gauges, available in standard and corrosion resistant variants, for measuring from atmosphere to 1e-4mbar to our WRG Cold Cathode/Pirani combination gauges, to measure from atmosphere down to 1e-9mbar.

Passive gauges: suited to environments with high amounts of radiation or very high ambient temperatures

Edwards passive gauge range
The head that is attached to the system only contains the items needed for the physical measurement

All other electronics is contained in the controller. As such the controller and cable have to be specific to the desired gauge.

Digital gauges: communicate via RS232 or RS485 with your system

Edwards digital gauges range
Digital active gauges are self-contained including driving electronics, they eliminate the need for a separate controller due to having serial comms onboard.

Digital gauges simply need a supply voltage in the range of 15 to 48V and then can be directly interrogated via a PC or PLC using either RS232 or RS485 communications.

Portable gauges: a complete gauge display that operates off its integrated battery

P3 Portable Handheld Gauge
Portable gauging offers the opportunity to easily take spot measurement checks.

Thanks to it being mains power independent, the Edwards P3 handheld all-in-one measuring system is the essential device for 'On-site' service calls or 'On the spot' flexible checking.

Capacitance Barocel gauges: the gold standard of accurate measurement!

With accuracies of up to 0.15%, these gauges are commonly used to control systems in diverse processes, from industrial furnaces to semi-conductor manufacturing.

Available in three main variants: miniature, standard, and heated, as well as with varying full scale ranges, you can accurately control from atmosphere to 1e-4mbar.

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