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With gauges being vital to any vacuum system in order to efficiently control and monitor processes, it is important to make the right choice for your particular needs.

At Edwards we have developed one of the widest measurement portfolios: whatever your process is, we have a solution to fit. 

Alongside our vacuum gauges, we offer a range of dedicated controllers. With these you can easily integrate the gauges into a wider system, as well as having local displays.

  • Analytical: Our active gauges have proven reliability across many years of experience, giving you piece of mind when building complex systems. And with our digital versions (nAPG/nAIM/nWRG) having the same footprint as their analogue counterparts, upgrading has never been simpler.
  • Industrial: Harsh processes are notoriously difficult to cater for. However, with dedicated industrial/corrosion resistant variants of our standard gauges alongside industrial targeted products, such as the ASG2, we can once again, keep your system measuring. 
  • Semiconductor: Edwards has long been a reliable partner for many major Semiconductor customers. Our APG200 series is perfect for monitoring foreline/general pressures, and with our new leading Barocel 7000 capacitance manometer range we can now support your processes where high levels of accuracy and speed are needed.
  • R&D: With projects pushing deeper and deeper into UHV, it is important to make sure that you can measure the environment also. Our passive gauges have market leading range, able to measure down to 2x10-12mbar, whilst withstanding radiation.
  • Service: Our portable gauging enables spot checking of systems without the need to be near a power supply, ensuring that the service has been successfully carried out before re-connecting a pump back to the wider network. We can also calibrate all of our gauge types at our calibration laboratory to help ensure your process is running optimally.
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