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EJGO-Controller for Vacuum Pumps

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Outstanding edge on vacuum control

Be ready for Industry 4.0 with EJGO that offers full connectivity, flexible accessibility, and outstanding control functionality. EJGO, the new generation controller, takes vacuum connectivity to the next level and intelligently manages, commands, directs, as well as regulates the operation of your Edwards vacuum pumps and systems.

The EJGO controller allows you to access the pump via the Front panel, or the touch HMI along with the web browser. All the relevant parameters can be adjusted and monitored to match multiple pump processes.


All-In-one solution with a focus on user experience

KPI insights and management

Assess pump health, vacuum performance, and operating economy. Get insights and recommendations based on real-time and historic data regarding pump use and longevity.

Intelligent scheduling

Plan a series of events into the calendar, not limited to pump start/stop routines, purge cycles and auto cleaning. Convenience of setting up a repeat action as per individual process requirements.

Trend map

Monitor pump operation continuously for a real-time curve. View trends and compare multiple measurements/cycles depending on pump parameters for e.g., motor speed, power consumption, outlet temperature and more!

Operating mode management

Default and optional pre-set modes to fit different applications. Plan when and how to run or switch modes in your calendar. Specify customised mode settings for ease of operation.

Secured connectivity

Using high security encryption, connect the pump to Cloud or local network with peace of mind.

  • Remote control
  • Email alerts notification
  • Automatic software updates
  • Online service

Communication protocols

Supports a wide range of fieldbus communication protocols, such as Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, Profinet, Modbus, Profibus and OPC UA. This allows for pump integration into a variety of industry control systems.

  Fully connected Local network connected Stand alone
Local access/control
By Front panel, HMI or local connected device
Remote access/control via LAN/WiFi
By any devices in the network or global access with VPN

Integration & fieldbus communication

Automatic online software update*

Remote service*
Email notification

* Note: Not applicable for Genius box connection

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