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Electron Microscopy

Making the visualisation of tiny structures at very high resolution possible

Edwards in the World of Electron Microscopy

The vacuum pump has to be quieter than the machine’s computer, and have minimal vibration so not to impact the image  

Cancer cell and lymphocytes
A concern for microscopy applications is mechanical vibration.

As the resolution of instruments push to sub-atomic levels, every potential source of vibration must come under scrutiny. 

In partnership with Edwards you benefit from the study of each individual component of the vacuum system incorporated into the microscope. Allowing the visualisation of tiny structures such as DNA and microbes at very high resolution.

Edwards R&D team
Having risen to the challenge of low vibration vacuum we are experts in vibration reduction

We are able to offer low vibration turbomolecular pumps that can be implemented in combination with advanced vibration isolation techniques. 

The rotors of our nEXT L-variants have been precision balanced at high speed and use a hybrid magnetic mechanical bearing with a precisely tuned compact metal spring damper (CMSD) mounting. In addition, for L-variants, the upper magnetic bearings go through an additional selection process to ensure they are optimised for low stray magnetic field.

Ion, titanium sublimation and non-evaporable getter pumps

Since welcoming Gamma Vacuum into the Edwards family, we now offer ion, titanium sublimation and non-evaporable getter pumps to complement our mechanical pumps. 

This completes our range of products to deliver working pressures from atmospheric through to UHV allowing us to offer you a truly complete vacuum solution.

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