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Protecting your productivity – iXM XCEDE

The harshest of chamber processes demand the toughest vacuum solutions.

The new iXM dry pump, the world’s most advanced, now combines with Edwards's unique XCEDE surface layer technology, to manage the harshest of chamber manufacturing processes.

With iXM you can expect many benefits

Expect to manage the simultaneous challenges of both corrosive and condensable, process chamber gas byproducts.

Next… expect improved power efficiency - up to 60%. Thirdly, expect improved particulate management and minimal byproduct accumulation from condensation and plating, which is made possible because we optimise the pump with a widely settable temperature range relative to each process.

The big story here is Edwards’ XCEDE

Working with leading material experts, we developed a whole new treatment technology to tackle critical semiconductor processes that produce highly corrosive byproducts.

XCEDE protects critical pump components such as rotors and stators and outperforms all competing methods, across all criteria. In fact, it delivers extraordinary field test results.

In all, iXM, treated with XCEDE, delivers greater reliability, longevity and lower cost of ownership. Edwards’ XCEDE-enhanced, corrosion-resistant technology for harsh environments, means a pump series like no other.

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Ask us about our XCEDE upgrades for your existing dry pumps.


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