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Service Technology – digital fingerprinting for your pumps

Edwards’ Service Technology Centres (STCs) deliver world class maintenance and service solutions with the largest network and support team across the globe, for customers who use our vacuum products.

Servicing pumps can go further than repair. Explore the upgrades that are available to boost the efficiency of your pump fleet and reduce the total cost of ownership.


‘Intelligent’ pumps allow for predictive servicing

We assign each vacuum pump that comes through our centres a digital fingerprint. This allows for complete traceability and tracking.  Our dry pumps are designed with on-board controls that allow for data collection. Making them ‘intelligent’ allows our diagnostic tools to analyse trends in pump performance. This data tells us when it is time for the pump to be serviced and to be brought to one of our Service Technology Centres.

Maintenance that maintains our customers’ productivity

Edwards service people form an agile and highly trained team, supported by a global logistics and inventory network that moves quickly and works seamlessly anywhere. Through globally standardised processes, our sophisticated service network plays an essential part in maintaining the success of our customers.

Talk to us about the range of Service Plans and Risk Mitigation Plans to discuss the most efficient service approach for your situation.


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