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Vacuum pump parts and kits

Genuine spares to protect your investment and improve life cycles

The perfect fit for your operation

Our genuine spare parts are produced to the same high standards and specifications as our production pumps, ensuring that you enjoy reliable service for years to come and helping to provide a lower life cycle cost.

Whether you need to replace a metal rotor or require a gasket to fix a leak, we guarantee that every Edwards spare will be a perfect fit for the original.

Convenient vacuum pump kits

To ease routine tasks we offer kits tailored for your periodic maintenance needs. Edwards original spares kits allow your maintenance team to start work with all the materials they need to complete the job successfully, saving time, reducing cost and extending the life of your product.

A wide range of parts for your needs

Preventative maintenance or emergency, you’ll be pleased to know that we keep a large selection of spares, stocked and readily available:

  • Tested and qualified to ensure long life and prevent secondary damages and downtime
  • Always suitable for the application the pump is qualified for
  • Guaranteeing safe, reliable and long-term operation of pumps when properly fitted.

Global stocks and distribution

Our global service centres around the world are ready to respond to your requests:

  • Worldwide availability
  • Fast shipping
  • Expert advice about application, fitting and use.

Get in contact with us

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