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Edwards semiconductor products

Edwards supports customers’ Total Cost of Ownership by factoring in not only output efficiency, but also machine life, service regime and environmental aspects.

Semiconductor manufacturing costs can be greatly impacted by three factors: The equipment investment in terms of quality and reliability, the overall operational approach and the service regime employed for the vacuum and abatement equipment fleet. 

A lack of focus in one area can increase operational costs, as well as impacting investments on capital equipment.

4 ways to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of Fab operations

  1. Review your vacuum and abatement service maturity to understand the impact of your current approach and review opportunities to optimise your operations and Total Cost of Ownership.
  2. Make sure existing equipment is running to the optimal performance to maximise your investment.
  3. Consider remanufacturing as an alternative to new equipment purchases, to minimise costs and lead times, and reduce your environmental footprint. 
  4. Move from a capital expenditure model to ‘vacuum as a service’ model, to replace heavy capital expenditure with a predictable operational or leasing cost.  

Service Solutions to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership


Our remanufacturing solutions offer a unique opportunity to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by lowering the initial equipment investment. Edwards remanufactured products are restored to factory specifications, increasing the machine lifetime, and delaying the need for replacement. In addition, a reduction in operational costs can be seen immediately owing to a refresh in efficiency of old or rundown equipment.


Edwards has developed a range of upgrades to increase meantime between service  and machine efficiency, lowering your operational costs

Service Plans

Planned maintenance can have a significant impact on your operational costs. Regular maintenance can increase the lifetime of the equipment with less risks of frequent replacements. It can also keep your equipment fleet at the highest cost efficiency by avoiding unnecessary repairs from unexpected down events and additional wear and tear caused by run -to- fail maintenance regimes.   

Total Risk Management Solutions

Our Risk Management solutions can have a significant impact on your Total Cost of ownership targets. Our predictive maintenance model will reduce the risks and uncertainty related to machine down events that can lead to wafer scraps. Edwards Risk Management plans include a pay-per-usage option which allows customers to save or invest capital expenditure elsewhere. Operational costs are also predictable for more efficient budgeting. 


Use this online calculator to reveal your value estimation

Input the number of vacuum and equipment unplanned events (crashes) per year into this online value calculator to see how much additional value you can reclaim from improved chamber availability, reduced scrap value, and maintenance costs. 

  • Get an immediate estimate by inputting the typical down events causing wafer scraps

  • Reveal the additional throughput potential

  • Download and share this value estimation with your team

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