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Hydrogen Recovery: lowering greenhouse gases and carbon emissions

Embracing Environmental Excellence

At Edwards, we understand the pivotal role semiconductor manufacturing plays in the digital age, and with our Hydrogen Recovery System (HRS), we're leading the charge towards a cleaner and greener future.

Key Environmental Benefits:

  • Hydrogen Recycling: Seamlessly integrated with our vacuum pumps and abatement systems, HRS recovers and reuses over 70% of hydrogen, minimizing the need for new production.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Our electrochemical technology dramatically cuts the carbon footprint associated with traditional hydrogen production methods.
  • Energy Efficiency: Engineered for optimized energy consumption, HRS aligns with global efforts to minimize waste and promote sustainability.

Exclusive Insights from Chris Bailey, VP Emerging Technologies

In our exclusive video below, Chris Bailey explores the challenges faced by the semiconductor industry. Key insights include navigating safety concerns, geopolitical intricacies in the supply chain, and the growing reliance on hydrogen in EUV lithography.

Join the Movement

By choosing Edwards' HRS, you're not just embracing cutting-edge technology; you're joining a movement towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond efficiency – it's about making a positive impact on the planet we call home.

Ready to explore the depths of semiconductor sustainability further? Click below to gain exclusive access to our comprehensive article on the Hydrogen Recovery System (HRS) and uncover the technological expertise driving our commitment to a greener future.


Download Chris Bailey’s article ‘Hydrogen Recovery in EUV Lithography’, below.


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