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nEXT Mechanical Turbomolecular Pumps

Edwards nEXT mechanical turbomolecular pumps

A turbomolecular pump is a multistage axial-flow turbine in which high speed rotating blades provide compression by increasing the probability of gas moving in the pumping direction. The turbomolecular pump is optimised for molecular flow conditions and requires a suitably sized backing pump to exhaust to atmosphere.   

Exceptional performance from the nEXT range

nEXT has been designed to combine all the latest technological advances in turbomolecular pumps offering pump sizes of 55, 85, 240, 300, 400, 730, 925 and 1250 l/s pumping speeds for Nitrogen these pumps provide end-user serviceability and deliver a truly class leading product.

nEXT55 and nEXT85 turbomolecular pumps

The nEXT55 and nEXT85 are the most compact of the nEXT range, with significantly reduced height and improved performance in a smaller package these pumps offer pumping speeds of 55 l/s and 85 l/s for nitrogen They offer the highest pumping density of other pumps in its class, with almost double the pumping speed of similar sized turbo pumps.

nEXT240, nEXT300 and nEXT400 turbomolecular pumps

The nEXT240, nEXT300 and nEXT400 set the benchmark for scientific turbomolecular pumps, built on decades of experience and based on our tried and trusted EXT and STP ranges. With these long established models we offer a wide variety of sizes and variants giving OEMs and end users a greater choice and the flexibility to tailor the most appropriate vacuum solution to meet their individual needs.

nEXT730, nEXT930 and the new nEXT1230 turbomolecular pumps

With the nEXT730 and nEXT930, Edwards extended the range of our market leading nEXT platform with two larger pumps offering speeds significantly over 730 l/s and 925 l/s for nitrogen. We are now extending this again to include the nEXT1230 with pumping speeds of 1250 l/s for nitrogen. These compact pumps are able to operate in any orientation, and are supported by a full range of accessories for cooling, venting, powering and control.

As well as addressing the general R&D market, where faster pumping speeds are sometimes required, these pumps are also designed to meet the requirements of the coating market and other diffuse market sectors such as Heat treatment, Furnace applications, Ebeam welding, Etch, Ion implant, Degassing and Cylinder evacuation.



nEXT55 and 85

nEXT240, 300, 400

nEXT730, 930, 1230


With over 100,000 tried and trusted nEXT pumps produced we are now bringing higher pumping speeds and increased flexibility to new, more demanding sectors and applications. These new models extend the nEXT’s capability with inlet flange options of DN ISO / CF 160 and DN ISO / CF 200.

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Exceptional pumping speeds and compression ratios

superior performance

Huge install base of turbopumps

proven reliability for peace of mind

Bespoke design service available

flexible solutions

Integrated intelligent controls

ease of use

Fully end user serviceable

Extended lifetime and low cost of ownership

Enhanced customer choice

large variety of standard variants

  nEXT55 nEXT85 nEXT240 nEXT300 nEXT400
Inlet flange   DN63 ISO-K or DN63CF DN40 DN63 ISO-K or DN63CF DN100 ISO-K  DN100 ISO-K  or DN100CF DN100 ISO-K  or DN100CF DN160 ISO-K  or DN160-CF
Inlet Pumping Speed ls-1 N2 55 47 84 84 240 300 400
Ar 55 44 80 80 230 280 380
He 41 61 78 80/78 (D/H) 230 340 390
H2 27 49/44 (D/H) 60/54 (D/H) 60/54 (D/H) 165 280 325
Compression Ratio (D) N2 >1  x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011
Ar >1  x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011
He   8 x 106/2 x 107 (D/H) 3 x 105 1 x 106 1 x 108
H2   2 x 105/5 x 105 (D/H) 1 x 104 5 x 104 5 x 105
Compression ratio (T/H) N2         >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011 >1 x 1011
He         1 x 106 3 x 106 >1 x 108
H2         1.5 x 104 1 x 105 1 x 106
  nEXT730D nEXT930D nEXT1230
ISO-K 160 CF 160 ISO-K 200 CF 200 DN 200 CF DN 200 ISO-F DN 200 ISO-K
Main inlet
pumping speed
N2 ls-1 730 925 1250
He ls-1 820 905 1150
H2 ls-1 715 735 1350
Ar ls-1 665 865 1150
Peak compression ratio from the backing port to the main inlet port  
N2 >1x1011 >1x1011 1 x 1011
He 1.2X108 1.2X108 4 x 108
H2 4X106 4X106 1 x 107
Ar >1x1011 >1x1011 1 x 1011
Ultimate pressure (mbar) (CF) 3.0X10-10 3.0X10-10 <5 x 10-10 indicate higher pressure for ISO-K and ISO-F
Weight (kg) 14.6 19.6 15.4 21.7 32.6 24.9 23.7
Throughput at full speed:  
N2 14 14 12
He 21 21 <20
H2 >14 >14 <20
Ar 3.5 3.5 4
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