Dry Scroll Pumps

The great new shape of high performance dry vacuum pumping

Edwards XDS and nXDS range of dry scroll pumps

Edwards dry scroll pumps offer proven dry, clean vacuum solutions for a wide range of applications.

Edwards XDS35i dry scroll pump

Edwards XDS35i dry scroll pump

XDS dry scroll pumps

XDS dry scroll pumps have become industry standard when dry pumping is essential, proving to be a robust and clean vacuum pump solution in a range of applications.

Now, a combination of the patented double start scroll form technology and by-pass valves have enabled Edwards to offer the XDS35i Enhanced range of pumps to complement our original family.

Edwards nXDS15i dry scroll pump

Edwards nXDS15i dry scroll pump

nXDS dry scroll pump

nXDS is our latest generation of scroll pump offering increased pumping speeds, combined with lower ultimate pressures, lower power consumption and lower noise levels than other pumps.

nXDS pumps are designed to be completely field serviceable. Its intelligent control functions and up to five year service interval offer low cost of ownership, making it the small dry pump of choice for today's most advanced technologies.

Bearing shield

ensures separation between process gases and bearing lubrication to ensure clean vacuum and no possibility of contamination to lubrication from process gases, which prolongs bearing life.

Smart motor drive

means consistent performance globally, pump overload protection and remote start/stop capability.

High flow gas ballast feature

allows pumping of vapours including water vapour at up to 240 gh-1

Simple single sided scroll design

allows maintenance to be done in minutes for low cost of ownership and maximum up-time.

Take another step

the Enhanced versions offer up to 20% lower peak power requirements during initial pump down which means it has the ability to pump down large volume chambers with no loss of performance and has up to 25% more pumping speed at these roughing pressures which helps on higher frequency cycling applications as well.

Better work environment and low environmental impact

quiet operation

Simple operation

intelligent and easy to use controls

No contamination and no oil to dispose of

hermetically sealed for a lubricant-free vacuum enviroment

Low cost of ownership

long service interval and low power consumption

Quicker process

superior vapour handling

Edwards nXDS Rotation Animation

See our nXDS in action with cutaway animation. Only from Edwards.

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