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E2S two-stage rotary vane pumps

E2S85 two-stage rotary vane pump

Modern industrial two-stage oil sealed rotary vane pump

Simple, yet powerful rotary vane pump to boost your production not your expenses.

E2S range - E2S45, E2S65 and E2S85 - perfectly balances performance, cost and usability. A reliable piece of engineering, simply made, well suited for many standard applications that require medium vacuum. It pumps down fast, it handles vapours and it contributes to minimising noise level in your workplace.


  • High pumping speed to reduce cycle times and gain productivity
  • Hydro mode with improved vapour handling capability to fit with humid applications
  • Low noise level matching with lab environment expectations


  • Economical product with clean layout
  • Built-in oil filter to protect pump mechanism from contaminants and prevent oil leaks
  • Innovative design to increase cooling performance keeping high vapour tolerance
  • No complex mechanical arrangement to keep technology simple


  • Effective product design to accommodate users needs
  • Easy and pleasant to use and service. Cleaning on site to maximize uptime
  • Efficient over-temperature protection and low oil level detection (optional features)
  • Increased safety against operator misuse

E2S with EH booster combination

Standard combinations of E2S two stage rotary pumps and EH mechanical boosters are available for high-capacity demands. Factory pre-assembled, these pumping systems are compact, mobile and easy to use. With a direct start from atmospheric pressure our E2S85-EH1200 stack provides 900 m3/h effective speed and allows to reach high vacuum range with an ultimate vacuum of 2x10-4 mbar.

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