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Engineers at Edwards have the opportunity to grow in ways that few other companies can offer. With so many different functions, products, businesses, countries and cultures, you can spend a professional lifetime leveraging your skills. With our company growing and always looking at new ways to be innovative for our customers, you’ll be right at the forefront of our technologies.

"I have worked with the product division and created a new product that has answered some of the newest process challenges for our customers. It is fun to look back and see first-hand how we made a difference.” Julian, Applications Engineer, US and Edwards' Female Ambassador of the Year Award 2016

“My role is to create a software that makes our machines work automatically. This is like giving life to our machines and exploring the possibilities of how they can effectively interact with humans. My role has great opportunities to improve my technical skills in both software and hardware. At Edwards, it is possible to experience outstanding advanced technology and develop valuable career experiences.”

Sean, Senior Software Engineer, Korea

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