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Vacuum Pump Remote Connectivity and Monitoring

GENIUS Instant Insights™

Intelligence working for you

Instant Insight | Remote Access | Anytime Intelligence
GENIUS instant insight™

GENIUS Instant Insights

GENIUS Instant Insights/

The most common causes of pump failure are now predictable

Mechanical faults caused by inappropriate maintenance Contamination caused by gas or liquid within the pump Machine shutdown caused by settings that are not adjusted to production demand

GENIUS Instant Insights™ helps you to avoid the risk of such failures, enabling you to stay ahead of events with hardly any effort at all.


360° overview

The GENIUS Instant Insights™ Portal gives you important insights into the pumps’ operation such as

Indicates the overall status of your pumps, including running hours, temperature, and service status
Indicates the percentage availability of your vacuum pumps installation, so you can count on it for steady production
The time that the pump runs producing the desired vacuum
Energy consumption and CO2 insights
Gives you clear inputs about the energy consumption of your vacuum pump and it’s impact on the environment
Flags notification of potential failures and service requirements. The alerts can be programmed to be sent through SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail to all relevant contacts in your organization in real time.

GENIUS Instant Insights™

With GENIUS Instant Insights Portal you also get flexibility on which level of details you want to see about your pumps.

The GENIUS Tiers™

Your benefits with GENIUS Instant Insights™

With the GENIUS Instant Insights™ portal, you can access your pumps from anywhere at any time. All your pump information is stored safely in the GENIUS Instant Insights™ cloud.


Your pumps which are equipped with cutting edge technology can be connected to the GENIUS Portal in multiple ways: 

  1. Through EJGO controller Utilizes customer local network and enables all great functionalities from your controller to guarantee more pump efficiency and stable production line operation.

  2. Through GENIUS box kit Utilizes cellular network to safely transmit the data from the pump to the GENIUS Portal, with this set up there is no need of using customer LAN. The GENIUS box kit is offered as a factory and aftermarket option.

This is because the GENIUS Instant Insights™ portal will inform you of any alarms immediately and remind you when service is due. This way, you can preclude possible failure and make back-up plans while continuing to benefit from uninterrupted production.

Contact your service sales representative for more information and benefits.

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