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Vacuum pump repair and maintenance solutions near you

Whether you are looking for immediate help and advice, trying to solve a problem, or require a long-term service partner; the performance of your business is our priority. At Edwards, Convenience, Quality and Value are at the heart of everything we do.

From managed maintenance solutions, tailored to your precise needs to the fast provision of vital parts and oil, our flexible approach ensures that your Edwards vacuum systems continues to perform to your demands, each and every day.

And we are never far away. Operating around the world, you can expect a responsive service delivered by our team.


Scroll through and discover our wide variety of services

Are you looking for a service plan tailored to your precise operation? Our Managed Maintenance approach will optimise service events around your critical needs to reduce your total cost of ownership and increase productivity. 

Click the button below and learn more about our ServicePlanTM.


Benefits of getting your pump serviced by Edwards

Icon of the globe

International presence

We have service experts in every
corner of the world, trained in our
own facilities by product experts.
Our global distribution network
ensures fast delivery of parts and
we have Service Technology Centres
dotted around the globe in case your
pump can’t be serviced on-site.

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Certified quality

Our service experts will always use genuine parts, oil and tools to service your vacuum pump. Using certified Edwards spares and fluids guarantees your pump’s health and reliable operation.

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Maximised uptime

Our service offer is varied and
flexible so you can always pick and
choose the level of support you and your production require.
From only parts being delivered
periodically to full-care ServicePlans:
we have what it takes to keep your production up and running.

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Cared for by the experts

Get your pump serviced by the experts that built it. Our service technicians are trained to know your pump inside out, whether your machine has been in operation for decades, or is equipped with the newest technology.

Use the oil finder below to advise you on the correct oil as this can improve your vacuum performance, help with high operating temperatures without oil degradation, so extending intervals between oil changes.


Common questions about service at Edwards

Read the answers to some of the most popular questions other customers have had. Didn’t find your question in the list? Then just reach out to the local expert by filling out the form below.

Where can I find vacuum pump service near me?

Edwards has service experts all over the globe. Leave us your question by completing the contact form and your local Edwards service representative will be in touch as soon as possible. Do you prefer to give us a call right now? Then find your nearest Edwards service provider on the contact page.

Where can I send my vacuum pump for repair?

We have workshops in all countries we’re represented in. For the most intricate interventions to your vacuum pump or system, we have large Service Technology Centres (STCs) dotted around the world.

To discover which STC is closest to you, fill out the contact form or contact your nearest service representative for support.

Can I have an on-site service technician to service my vacuum pump?

Depending on your pump technology and your application, we can carry out routine service at your premises. We will always give you a call to discuss the situation beforehand and then our service engineer visits equipped with the right spare parts, consumables, and tools. 

Would you like to learn more? Fill out the contact form or contact your nearest service representative for support.

Should I repair or replace my vacuum pump?

With the use of genuine parts, lubricants and following the recommended maintenance schedule, our vacuum pumps are designed to last far beyond the depreciation period.

In case of an unexpected breakdown, we will assist you with a proposal that fits your needs to get the pump repaired. Depending on the age of the pump, the extent of the damage and the cost of repair, we’ll help you to decide whether repairing is an option, or whether you’re better off buying a newer technology. 

Would you like a consultation? Fill out the contact form or contact your local service representative for advice.

Where can I buy vacuum pump oil?

You can order all Edwards vacuum pump oils, lubricants and greases directly from our webshop. Not sure which oil is right for your vacuum pump? Then use our oil finder to find out, you can search on part number or product name and the search result will take you to the shop.

If you’re not comfortable buying online, then please contact us through the contact form, or call us or mail us and we’ll be in touch.

You’ll also find Edwards vacuum pump oil being sold on various websites, but always watch out for counterfeit products. These can seriously damage the performance and health of your vacuum pump. We recommend always using original Edwards oil suitable for your pump’s technology.

Do you have further questions? Fill out the contact form or contact your local service representative for advice.

Where can I buy Edwards spare parts, repair kits and consumables?

You can order service and repair kits directly from our webshop. These kits contain all the materials and consumables your specific pump requires for its regular maintenance. All spare parts, fittings and oils are also available separately, just contact your local service representative for advice.

Be careful when buying spare parts from other online sources. In some cases, counterfeit products are sold under the Edwards brand name. These can cause serious damage to your installation. 

Do you need further support? Fill out the contact form or contact your local service representative for advice.

How can I book a consultation with an Edwards service engineer?

Are you looking for your nearest Edwards service representative? Then fill out the contact form or find our details on the contact page.

How can I check the health of my vacuum pump?

If your vacuum pump is faltering, you can follow these steps to check its health:

  1. Verify that the pump is receiving the proper voltage and amperage.
  2. Check the inlet and outlet of the pump for any obstructions or leaks.
  3. Observe the pump while it is running to see if it is functioning smoothly and quietly. 
  4. Check the oil level of the pump and verify that it is at the proper level and is clean. 
  5. Measure the vacuum pressure with a gauge to ensure that it is within the specifications for the pump.
  6. If the pump is still not functioning properly, you may need to consult the instruction manual or contact a service technician for further analysis.

Would you like help from us to check your pump? Then contact us and ask for “Health Check Pro” and we’ll assess your full installation. 

Is it possible to have remote control of my vacuum pumps?

The answer to that question is: Edwards GENIUS Instant Insights TM. This software platform allows you to remotely monitor and check the performance and health of your vacuum pump.

GENIUS offers these insights, among others:

  • Real-time operational status and diagnostics
  • Uptime and availability of your installation
  • Energy consumption and CO2 insights
  • Alerts and notifications. These can also be programmed to be sent through SMS, Whatsapp or e-mail.

Learn more about GENIUS Instant Insights.

Do you have further questions? Fill out the contact form or contact your nearest service representative for support.

Can I rent an Edwards vacuum pump?

Yes, we can offer rental service on a range of products. Send us a request or contact your local service representative and we’ll discuss the possibilities and provide you with a quote.

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