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Ipsen International GmbH is a global manufacturer of heat treatment technology and systems headquartered in Germany. Michael Simon, System Expert at Ipsen, commented, “We are impressed with the quality and performance of the vacuum systems from Edwards. Working with Edwards as a single source partner together with their local presence for servicing and support were significant benefits to us.” The brazing furnaces have had the vacuum systems installed and have been delivered to the final customers in China.

These furnaces each use a combination of an Edwards’ GXS250 with mechanical booster, and two STP4503 turbomolecular pumps. These are all dry pumps which are oil free and so do not run the risk of any oil contaminating the furnace. Traditionally these kind of furnaces used cryogenic pumps, which trap gases and vapours by condensing them on a cold surface; these pumps need recovering occasionally. However, STPs are maintenance free, with low power and utilities consumption, so there is also a lower cost of ownership than with cryogenic pumps.

STPs also bring the advantage of being directly mounted to the chamber, meaning no elbow is needed, which can reduce suction capacity. Their compact size means plant floor space is also saved. Furthermore, pump down time is faster to operating vacuum pressure, resulting in increased productivity.

Edwards’ GXS dry screw industrial pumps provide robust and reliable operation even in harsh industrial applications, and they have an innovative automated remote control which enables consistent output and a safe operation. The GXS has a long pump service life between major overhauls, which together with low utilities and energy usage costs make it the most economical vacuum pump for industrial applications.

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