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Image of an wind power plant

Edwards vacuum pumps for the energy industry

Energy, an indispensable resource touching every facet of our lives, is witnessing an ever-increasing demand in this world. As the world progresses with a growing population, energy is most sought after for industry, commerce, transportation, domestic household, and agricultural services.  The energy value chain encompasses generation, distribution, storage, and utilisation. 

Edwards’ vacuum solutions lead the industry by pushing the boundaries of science to deliver innovative vacuum technology that is vital to the energy industry processes. Our solutions deliver optimum performance and provide maximum up-time for our customers.

The process of energy generation

There are different ways of generating energy by using both nonrenewable and renewable sources, both can be converted into electricity. There are two methods of conversion: direct, when heat energy is converted directly into electricity and indirect, when heat energy is converted into mechanical energy first and afterwards into electricity. 

Power generation using renewable energy sources is gathering momentum in the current world due to climate change effects, high pollution caused by release of carbon and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Major renewable sources include solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower. 

Diagramm energy solutions

Energy industries that use vacuum technology


Solar energy makes use of sunlight that falls on photovoltaic modules in a solar farm to transform it to electrical energy.

Edwards has been a pioneer in supplying proven dry vacuum solutions to the photovoltaic industry in all processes starting from silicon ingot growing process to thin film coating applications on the solar cells to obtain optimum efficiency. Edwards range of vacuum systems have larger capacities to evacuate load lock chambers for fast cycle evacuation as well as process pumps for managing the toxic materials released in the process.

Solar panel


Wind energy is a clean solution that harnesses the power of wind by using the aerodynamic force of the rotor blades to rotate the wind generator creating electricity. Large wind power plants have an array of wind turbines in particular locations. 

Edwards understands the importance of designing the wind blades that optimise the wind energy by supplying both wet and dry vacuum pumping carts for the resin infusion process that enables the sucking of the resin into the reinforcing fibers in a vacuum environment. 

Wind power

Power plants

Power plants generate electricity using a steam turbine, either from fossil energy sources such as coal, oil or natural gas, or clean energy such as nuclear, biomass, geothermal or solar. Vacuum is used for several applications in power plants but the primary function is to remove inward air leakage from the condenser at reduced pressure. The efficiency of steam turbine system is highly dependent upon the vacuum level in the condenser.

Edwards has been offering for many years customised liquid ring pumps solutions tailored to meet the increasing demands from challenging applications for power generation plants.

Power plant

Power distribution plants

Power distribution is the process of delivering electricity from the generation sources to the residential households, commercial places, and industries. Electricity is typically transmitted at high voltages to reduce the energy loss due to resistance that occurs over long distances, the voltage is stepped up for transmission, then reduced for local distribution. This full chain requires components such transformers, bushings, cables using vacuum for their mixing, casting, drying or impregnation.

The comprehensive Edwards portfolio and range of technologies offer  ideal solutions for these needs.  

Power distribution plants

Lithium battery production

In recent years, lithium batteries have become an essential technology for powering an array of devices used in almost any existing industry from consumer electronics, medical, military, aerospace or automotive. The replacement of internal combustion engines in the automotive industry is now underway with clear milestones, and electrical cars powered by lithium batteries is currently the most adopted technology to achieve this transition.

Edwards has been a pioneer in this industry by offering optimised dry vacuum solutions to major lithium-ion battery manufacturers for various stages in the production - slurry mixing, electrode drying, electrolyte filling, vacuum degassing, cell vacuum sealing and formation applications.

Lithium battery

Power storage facilities

Power storage refers to the ability to store excess electricity for later use, such as during peak demand periods or when the generation sources are unavailable, an important role for balancing the demand and supply while keeping grids stable and reliable in the face of growing demand. The most widely used technology is pumped-storage hydropower, but batteries are now playing a growing role. Lately hydrogen, especially green hydrogen, has gained momentum for energy storage and as an energy source to power fuel cells.

Edwards offers different vacuum systems for fuel cells applications including coating for electrodes manufacturing as well as explosion proof certified versions for handling hydrogen production and storage applications. 

Power storage facilities

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