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Schools, Universities and General Lab Equipment

Providing the complete range of vacuum solutions, from pumps to accessories.

Edwards enables a world of Science and Research

Researchers and a vacuum chamber
Whether you are looking for a single pump, or complete pumping solution, our experts are available to guide you through the selection process at every step.

From the smallest school laboratory, to international R&D projects, vacuum is facilitating educational development and scientific evolution across the globe.

Universities carry out a vast range of activities that require vacuum, these will vary depending on discipline and department. Typical departments in a University would include:

  • Chemistry,
  • Physics and Materials,
  • ...but this is not exhaustive!

When you require vacuum equipment for corrosive applications you can rely on Edwards

Chemical laboratories are typically using vacuum to either remove substances by evaporation or to stop reactions from taking place.

As chemical vapours are involved vacuum equipment with good vapour handling characteristics and ATEX internal classifications are required.

Other laboratory activities, ranging from small privately funded research labs to government national labs, like Universities can include a broad range of applications.