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Special Valves for Vacuum Systems

Designed for specialised applications

Special Valves for Vacuum Systems

Why choose a special valve?

Special valve is not a type of valve but a broad term that refers to a category of valves designed for specific and specialised applications within vacuum systems. 

These valves come in various sizes and designs, including manual and pneumatic and often incorporate advanced features to address the specific challenges of their intended applications. 

AV5A air admittance valves with couplings

The AV5A is manufactured in aluminium alloy. It has a control knob attached to a screw‑actuated plunger: turn the control knob clockwise to close the valve. A nitrile O-ring seals the plunger to the valve body. 

The valve can be connected directly, pipeline supported or panel mounted, and is connected to the vacuum system with the Edwards SC5 coupling (supplied).

  • Simple manual air admit valve
  • Connects directly, pipeline supported or panel mounted
  • Connects via a SC5 coupling (supplied)
AV5A air admittance valves with couplings

AV10K air admittance valves

The AV10K is manufactured and works in the same way as the AV5A, but it is connected differently.

This valve can be pipeline supported only and is connected to the vacuum system with an NW10 fitting.

  • Simple manual air admit valve
  • Pipeline supported only
  • Connects via a NW10 fitting

BRV backing/roughing valve

BRV backing/roughing valves with ISO NW roughing and fore pump terminations feature manual or pneumatic actuation. They combine the function of separate backing/roughing valves in one integral 3 port unit.

A flexible neoprene connector is supplied for the backing connection. The roughing and fore pump ports terminate in the appropriate NW termination.

  • Easy to operate ‑ both ports closed position 
  • Long life ‑ 100,000 operations or more 
  • Position indicator on pneumatic valve 
  • Leak tight to better than 10‑9mbar ls‑1/8 x 10‑10 Torr ls‑1

IPV10EK air admit valve NW10

The IPVA10EK is a solenoid operated valve designed for automatic admittance of air or vent gas into a vacuum system.

The valve has two ports with NW flanges. One of the valve ports is connected to the vacuum system, the other port can be left open to atmosphere or connected to a vent gas supply.

The vacuum system is isolated from atmosphere (or the vent gas supply) by a fluoroelastomer pad on the base of the valve plunger, which seals against the body of the valve.

  • Normally open or normally closed option 
  • Small envelope
  • IP65 protection
  • MTTF 500,000 cycles

QSB quarter swing butterfly valve

The QSB quarter swing valves are compact, quick acting, high conductance isolation valves. The QSB valves have a polished, stainless steel, ISO flanged body with fluoroelastomer O-ring sealed valve plate and shaft. The valve plate O-ring groove is vented to help maintain a stable high vacuum. The valve shaft O-rings and bearings are lubricated with Fomblin® grease to prevent gas bursts from behind the shaft seals. 

This valve is supplied with a co‑seal. 

  • Manual operation 
  • High conductivity
  • Resists atmosphere in either direction 
  • Compact and quick acting 
  • Corrosion resistant construction 
VIV Vacuum Isolation Valve - Right Side View

VIV vacuum isolation valve

The VIV vacuum isolation valve is a high conductance, fast acting high vacuum isolation valve that is designed to prevent the movement of vapour or particulates from the backing pump to the process chamber.

When the VIV is closed, the backing pump is safely vented. The VIV protects the process chamber from being vented when the pump stops or is stopped. When the backing pump is restarted, the valve will slowly open when the pressure within the VIV has dropped, minimising the effects of any pressure burst.

VIV vacuum isolation valve is intended for use with Edwards small dry primary pump range nXDS, XDS, nXLi and nXRi. 

  • High conductance 
  • Fast closing action 
  • Power failure protection 
  • Flexible installation options 
  • Does not restrict primary pump performance 
  • Prevents migration of vapour or particulates from the backing pump to the process chamber 
  • Prevents process chamber venting in the event of a power supply failure 

For Edwards backing pumps fitted with the M8 valve connector or the 15 way D Type logic interface connector, we recommend the use of 24V dc valves and optional accessory cable or VIV Link as this offers increased levels of protection.

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