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Safeguard your process

Accredited calibration service for your vacuum pump

The safety of your process is non-negotiable. Precise vacuum pressure is one of the building blocks of a safe and sustainable process. And it takes an accredited calibration service to maintain the precision of your vacuum gauge readings. Meet quality, safety, compliance standards and regulations with precise gauge readings.

Complying with international standards, avoiding loss of certification, and increasing your production credibility are rooted in an accredited calibration service for your vacuum pump. Enhance the safety of your production process, reduce wastage, and avoid complicated disposal in production with an accredited calibration process.

Application-specific calibration

Different applications need different levels of gauge calibration. Knowing this, Edwards Gauge Calibration service offers the following three calibration levels.

Certification level

Certified level

Carried out in an accredited
laboratory, it sets calibration
to high-class industry standards.
Especially meant for process
that require ISO 17025 and
DAkkS certification.

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Factory level

The right choice to comply
with ISO 9001 standard,
this level covers most of
industrial needs.
Thereby guarantying
consistent quality,
provided by regular
and precise calibration.

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Aligment level

An on-site calibration service to align gauge and check if it is functioning correctly. Highly recommended where production break down is critical.

Vacuum pressure calibration ranges


Rough vacuum

1013 - 1 mbar
Medium vacuum

1 - 10-3 mbar
High vacuum

10-3 - 10-7 mbar
Ultra high vacuum

< 10-7 mbar
Certified Level In central hub In central hub In central hub In central hub
Factory Level In central hub In central hub In central hub In central hub

(up to 10-11)
Alignment Level In central hub or
by service personnel on site
In central hub or
by service personnel on site
In central hub In central hub

Keeping your processes safe

Different industries have different calibration frequency needs – The semiconductor/automotive industry may require calibration every 1-3 months while a basic research lab may only require it every 12 - 24 months.

It is important to be sure that the instrument calibration is performed by and at a certified service provider who follows recommended standards. We have maintained a calibration laboratory for vacuum gauges and test leaks. Our Vacuum Technique Service is accredited by the DAkkS.

Our experts can help you determine optimal gauge calibration cycles for your application to minimise disruptions, downtime, and cost.

Error free

Ensure an error-free and accurate process

  • Avoids risk of increased production quality cost and reduces costly repairs
  • Reduces material disposal and time spent on reworking production batches due to quality control parameters
ISO certification

Uphold your ISO quality certification

  • Regular calibration ensures compliance with international standards
  • It demonstrates conformity with the declared quality standards like ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and DAkkS
ensure a sustainable process

Sustainable process and production output

  • Fast turnaround time means less money spent on manpower without compromising quality
  • Full calibration services for measuring instruments produced by Edwards and for other brands and manufacturers
Safe and environment friendly

Safe and environment friendly process

  • Better quality, low waste, and no complicated disposal in production
  • An inaccurate gauge reading may put safety at risk and early issue detection keeps production output at the desired level

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